How to be Social #PR Savvy in 2013 [Infographic]


Did your CMO get the memo? Facebook is so real it might be named the next planet, Pinterest is not only a word, it is becoming a verb and Twitter is today’s answer to modern day news. Thanks to Krista Neher’s team at Boot Camp Digital, you can learn a thing or two about the DNA of social media with this infographic.

Social #PR savvy pros understand businesses need to either adapt or die when it comes to social media.

Social #PR Chat
Being Social Savvy in 2013 – An infographic by the team at Boot Camp Digital Social Media Training

Some of today’s facts and stat include that each day:

  • 100,000 Tweets are sent
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • $272,000 is spent by consumers online

Why is social media  important in 2013?

  • 70% of adult social networkers already shop online
  • There are now 2.27 billion people online
  • 53% of adult social networks actively follow a brand

How do you get publicity from social media? Brands need to deliver:

  • Deals and promotions (83% of networkers)
  • Rewards programs (70% of networkers)
  • Exclusive content (58% of networkers)

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, is an international speaker on digital marketing and provides marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and small businesses.




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