How to Avoid a Google PR Disaster: The Ultimate #SEO Report by @BruceClayInc


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 2.46.22 PMWill the real SEO expert please stand up? Ok everyone sit down.

It seems like everyone thinks they are an SEO expert; until the Google penalty comes, web visits drop and conversions stop. Meanwhile the SEO team is pointing fingers at each other, the executive marketing team is ready to do shots of tequila and… forget the New York Times –  the CEO just wants to be on page one of Google for every keyword possible.

With the recent release of the 2013 SEO Factors and Trends Midyear Report published by Bruce Clay, Inc, organizations have a list of recommendations that can be shared across all silos. Now the CEO can get a high level view of what questions to ask the online marketing team while the public relations and social media teams can see how they can help optimize messaging and influence search visibility and the SEO team gets insight and recommendations on today’s trending best practices that could prevent a potential Google penalty.  But even more importantly, this report helps shed light on the variety of SERP features and ranking signals in the framework of your own business’s resources and information that can then help identify the opportunities to shine in your niche.

“SEO is like golf. You hit the ball and then get mad because the ball goes wherever it wants to go, not where you wanted it to go. You hate the first hole, you hate the second hole, and you say you’ll never play again — until you hit that one good shot, and then you’re hooked,” said Bruce Clay, SEO industry thought leader and educator.

Social PR Tip: Download this free report and educate yourself on how to influence organic visibility with optimized social media messaging and online PR content.


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