How SEOmoz’s Content Queen @Ashletate Rules with Analytics and More

SEOmoz Content Queen Ashley Tate Rules.

Not chocolate, flowers or even shoes. SEOmoz Content Specialist Ashley Tate says, “Analytics makes my heart swoon!” And so it does!
In her most recent online appearance via Google+ Public Relations Community Expert Hangout –  Ashley shares the SEOmoz blog secret potion to success when it comes to content.

If you are in the online public relations world, it’s safe to say you live, breathe and even dream about content (Ugh). The 24/7 Social PR news cycle is never ending and always untangling.  But the one thing that ties all the news content together whether you are running a blog or serving as the community manager for a company social network: the content strategy and playbook!

Ashley Tate Words of Content Wisdom

Set a content goal  – At SEOmoz, they decided to set an ambitious goal of publishing one post a day. That’s serious business, resources and dedication. Once a day might not be the right goal for all. The idea is to set a realistic goal. So for some, publishing once a week might be a goal. Even though you might think a higher post frequency will increase the chance of blog success; first focus on quality. It is better to do less posts at a higher quality, than a high quantity of junk blog content. Junk out, junk in.

Editorial calendar – One of my favorite subjects is the social media editorial calendar and it starts with the blog! Ashley zeroed in on this critical aspect of content success. Do you have one? No? This is a problem. Yes? You pulled rank and blog brownie points; but you might want to see what can be improved.

Process and efficiencies – The last thing you want to do is write the post the night before it is due (or the hour before). Ashley recommends scheduling posts in advance to avoid potential quality problems and last minute conflicts.

Author guidelines – A brief always helps writers size up your audience, focus, voice, word count and deadlines! Run your blog like a top-tier publication from the beginning and set standards for your authors so you can meet and exceed the expectation of the readers.

Sharing is a team effort – There is not a sharing rule at SEOmoz.  It’’s pretty basic:  good content will be shared by all who care to share.

Social PR Tip: Discover life after post! Yes, you can extend the life of a post by promoting a blog post one week after it is published!

Analytics Calling! Testing 1, 2, 3 – Welcome to the world of content and analytics. If you have not joined the data party, blogging is probably not your red carpet to success.  Ashley takes analytics serious and advises to ask the challenging question: How well did your content do? Can you say hello to Google Analytics?

Measure your Social PR Content Analytics
Data Calling! Measure Your Social PR Content Analytics …

The Analytics Checklist

  • Look at social shares
  • Unique visits
  • Page views
  • Overall traffic
  • Referral sources
  • One new fave app of Ashley’s is Followerwonk , letting you explore your inner social graph on Twitter
  • Time on site
  • Post timing – Improve your posts by seeing what times times work best

Cares and Shares
One interesting factoid Ashley shared: SEOmoz does not put a huge focus on keyword research and optimizing blog posts. Instead they publish top notch content on the topics their audience cares (and shares) about!

Rather than focus on optimizing content for Google, Ashley Tate is reigning in on optimizing the process to deliver stellar content for the SEOmoz audience.

If content is king, Ashley Tate has met her match!




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