How Influence Marketing Scores #SocialPR Power in 2014


Influence Marketing So what exactly is this buzz about influence marketing? Imagine handpicking the most influential bloggers to work together in evangelizing your story. Ok, now take it one step further for it to really work: make sure that those influencers are actually true fans who LOVE and believe in your brand!

From a public relations perspective influence marketing is about targeting your brand evangelists or groups of your biggest fans versus a solo celebrity sponsor or the masses. Call it brand evangelists, loyalists, advocates or influencers, welcome to the next phase in social PR marketing as platforms like Triberr take blogger outreach and influence marketing to new levels.

There are four levels of influencers:
1. Celebrities (think and Kardashians)
2. Publishers (bloggers and YouTubers)
3. Fans (customers and stakeholders)
4. Friends (friends, family and coworkers)

At the top of this list you’re reaching the most people, but they might have the least influence. At the bottom, you reach a much smaller group, but they will have much more influence. Still, publishers and bloggers are your main target. The majority of what you are looking for is people with blogs and email lists attached to that blog. This is the most effective use of influencer marketing because these people have the infrastructure to make an impact on your target audience.

Triberr Influence Marketing CampaignsAccording to Branderati; 46% of US executives said an increase in brand advocates was one of the most important benefits of social media and 70 percent of those advocates are seen as a good source of information by their readers. Many of these high scoring social influencers and brand advocates can be found in Triberr, a growing community of bloggers who join communities, or ‘tribes’, to help share their messages and expand their reach, including over half of the Ad Age Power 150.

Where as old-school campaigns often depended on a big-time celebrity, at a big-time price, today’s influencers are much closer, and less expensive with better value.  But reaching out to individual bloggers can be a time-consuming, and often unfulfilling process. And how do you know if the bloggers you’re targeting even have the reach with your customer base?

Scoring and Connecting Influence

But now Triberr has unveiled a new product to help automate and maximize the process of connecting with these influencers. Triberr is now giving brands and public relations agencies direct access to their tribes through Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Currently Triberr boasts 50,000 groups of influencers, collectively they help each other attract over 2 million visits to its members websites each month. When you consider that word-of-mouth campaigns generate twice the sales of paid advertising, brands that fail to take advantage of this vast audience will find themselves falling behind and losing

Through its Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Triberr gives brands and agencies direct access to its network of influencers at a minimal cost. Triberr takes only a small commission out of the direct payout you give to their network of bloggers. No additional fees are charged to the brand or agency who sets up the campaign.

So how does Influencing Marketing Campaign work on Triberr?

Set Up the Campaign

Triberr’s Influencer Marketing Campaigns allow you to set up your own criteria for your ideal influencer, in part by listing keywords that are key to your brand, the same keywords they use in their blog posts. You can also target a specific reach and location.

Review Applicants

After your keywords and criteria are established, Triberr will create a list of applicable candidates that apply to your campaign. You can choose between five and 100 influential bloggers (Triberrs) to take part.

Create Milestones

After you select the influencers you want to connect with, the next step in finalizing your campaign is to create specific milestones or actions that you want your influencers to take.

The actions can range from

  • creating a blog post about your brand or product

  • setting up a Google Hangout

  • participating in a Twitter chat featuring you or someone from your company

  • creating a short form video in Vine, Instagram or YouTube

  • or even creating some sort of a side presentation

Over the length of your Influencer Marketing Campaign, which usually lasts about 30 days, you work directly with your approved influencers (bloggers)  to answer their questions and explain how to deliver your message to their audience.  You can determine which influencers are completing their assigned tasks, and only those influencers get paid by Triberr. So it maximizes your dollar and the reach of your campaign.

Social PR Secret: Don’t forget that reach is just part of the equation, you want to create brand ambassadors that are part of more than just a campaign, they are part of a movement!

“We built specialized tools and dashboards to manage large groups of people simultaneously,” notes Triberr founder Dan Cristo on the platforms’ collaboration benefits when it comes to systematically communicating with brand advocates and influencers in the most efficient way possible..

With platforms like Triberr, influence marketing becomes more accessible to any size business or campaign. The new forms of social public relations are evolving around pools of influence and as we head into 2014, social scores of influence become a focal point a brand’s media relations.

Could bloggers be the celebrities of the future when it comes to brand evangelism? Read how Triberr digs deeper into the power of bloggers in this article and think about adding influencer marketing to your public relations strategy for 2014.

Influence Marketing Social PR Tip: The key is in balancing the reach and influence without losing the authenticity and passion that makes the influence marketing needle move.

For more Social PR tips, check out Lisa Buyer’s new book: Social PR Secrets.



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