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Larry Kim Fox InterviewDear public relations pros: it’s time for the ultimate aha moment: content promotion is king.  Say hello to inspiring  content promotion ideas primed to influence PR thanks to Mobile Monkey’s CEO Larry Kim presentation at Pubcon New Orleans 2014. In an era of content saturation and burnout, Kim reminds brands how everyone is jumping on the content bandwagon and many of the previous best practices are worn, dated and just don’t work anymore. It’s time to switch gears into content promotion.

In this article learn more about Kim’s aha content promotion moments:

  • WordStream CEO Larry Kim

    Beyond SEO

  • Retargeting

  • Media Influencers

  • Visual Assets

  • Promoted Tweets and Facebook Posts

  • Repurposing

  • Inbound links and more


Beyond SEO: Go for the Repeat Website Visitors

Search engine optimization is an essential part of the marketing mix but it is not what builds a brand. Kim examined that websites that rely solely on SEO may get visitors but they will typically see low visitor engagement, low average duration spent on each page, lower pageviews and only 20 percent are return visitors. So what do you do?


The secret to building your brand lies in content promotion. Not only will branded searches increase the quality and quantity of your visitors, it can also result in huge brand exposure if the media picks up the story. Depending on how many press outlets pick it up, you can see millions of pageviews! Not to mention you are now positioning your brand to be quoted in the media as an expert source and may be invited to speak on the radio or television, expanding your reach even more! Here’s where SEO comes to play. Optimize your titles, meta details and even image names to help expand your reach even more.


How “So What?” Factors Turn Big Ideas Into Instant Media Coverage

Social PR Secret: Start with the end in mind by creating a methodological plan to succeed and consider a hook or custom angle  for each type of publication. The media relations process is not one size fits all. – Kim

You have the tools, now use them! Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to pitch directly to media and influencers. Kim recommends including visual assets in your content to increase sharability. A good infographic can go a long way! Not only does it present information in a way that is easily digestible, it also gains great traction on Pinterest which is very effective for branding and sees significant shares, sometimes more than other sources.


Social PR Secret: Create follow up stories to continue adding expanding reach by linking back to the original content.


Content Promotion Best Practices

Paying to play in PR? It used to be public relations taboo but when it comes to social media, paid content promotion is almost a necessity. On Facebook, a post’s average organic reach is decreasing to as little as 1–2 percent of fans, causing a mass spread of panic amongst social media managers. If you were lucky your brand got to ride the Facebook organic gravy train for free for a while but now we have to incorporate a  content promotion budget into our Social PR strategy. Promoted posts on both Facebook and Twitter can be a big deal for expanding your reach and it also allows you to create a more targeted publicity reach. For example, you can target people by interests, geographical location, age, etc.


Reach New Heights with Remarketing

Another way to seriously amp up your content’s reach is by remarketing. This requires a little more work but nobody ever said content promotion was easy. Use remarketing to reach people who have visited your site or app. By adding some code to your website, creating remarketing lists and building campaigns you can develop more detailed audiences. It can take an individual up to three interactions with a brand before they make a purchasing decision. If they’ve visited your website and then are presented with targeted ads based on the pages they visited, that’s two down.

Simply put, remarketing is not a tool, it’s a public relations and content promotion must.


More Content Promotion Gold from WordStream’s Larry Kim

    • Repurpose and syndicate content

Extend your content’s shelf life by promoting more than once and in different ways. Create engaging, bite-sized Tweets and share them multiple times in the first few days and then sporadically over the next three months. You can even repurpose content within your new content by adding natural links or including the video or slideshow. Make content compilations by turning your Tweets into an infographic or sending a monthly e-newsletter that incorporates your past few blog posts.


      • Target international press

Why? have you ever thought to do it? Then how many of your competitors have do you think have? Give yourself the edge and reach by going global before everyone else realizes it’s a viable option.


        • Covet inbound links

Sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit and Tumblr can all increase your pageviews which makes Google more likely to bump your article up in search engine results. Don’t take these hits for granted. domino effect of content promotion larry kim.png


          • Quality content trumps quantity

In Kim’s example, quality articles win by a landslide. His top 50 articles, which only account for about 4 percent of his content, make up more than half of the pageviews on his website! Additionally, 4 percent of his content receives 85 percent of social shares and only 5 percent of his content gets 95 percent of the high value links.


Reap the Social PR Rewards of Content Promotion

While content promotion may take the cake, it’s no cakewalk. What’s the ROI of all of your labor intensive efforts and is it worthwhile? The numbers don’t lie…


According to Kim’s research, content promotion had a positive impact on return user rate. The new visitor rate fell 13 percent which means that repeat visitors are increasing. Can you say hello brand advocates?


Kim also noted that thanks to content promotion; user engagement was up while time spent on the website and direct traffic tripled; meaning these visitors are not coming through your paid promotion so now that budget is more efficiently utilized to bring new potential.


Hmm, content promotion is king indeed.

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