Guy Kawasaki’s Best Social Media Lessons


Guy Kawasaki Best Lessons

With so many new social media platforms and features coming out recently, it can be hard for anyone to keep up with which tools can best reach your audience! Luckily, Lisa Buyer caught up with Guy Kawasaki in between his Facebook Live events and Canva Evangelizing. The mega social media user took a timeout to talk about what’s new in social media content marketing.

Right Guy For The Job

If you are wondering why you should listen to this guy? (see the pun I did there?)  

Let’s just say if you are going to take social media advice from anyone, Guy would be at the top of the social media masters list. This powerhouse is currently the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool and a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. He has written eleven books on social media marketing including The Art of the Start 2.0, The Art of Social Media, Enchantment, and nine other books.

When he isn’t cranking out books, Guy is traveling the world speaking at conferences and sharing information with his Facebook Live following (which we highly recommend you follow).

AllTop: #1 For Social Media Marketing

Alltop, which is short for “All the Topics”, is a website that Guy co-founded which “aggregates content from all the blogs and websites, organized by topic.”

Currently, there are about 11,000 topics on Alltop, ranging from hockey to politics to zoology. The topics are taken from blogs and websites, and for efficiency, they are shown as headlines so that users can quickly browse through the information that they consider most relevant.

As Guy says, “If [your students] want to curate content for a specific area, it’s hard to imagine there is a more efficient way to do it than Alltop” as they have already aggregated the 5 most recent stories from all of these blogs.

For bloggers who want more exposure, make sure you check it out and sign up here!

Facebook Live

It’s a testament to just how quickly social media changes – Lisa and Guy discuss that even though The Art of Social Media came out only a year ago, already there have been disruptions and new circumstances in the field.

Guy is quick to point out the top change – Facebook Live. The book was written and published before Facebook Live existed, and Guy considers it to be a hole in the book now. “It’s kind of a production” Guy says, because it is where he sees the most engagement.

While Guy recommends using a high-quality camera, he says even doing it with a phone is better than not doing it at all. Whether the concerns of a brand might be that they won’t look good, that it isn’t planned enough, that it might not send the right message, Guy has one response…

“Man up.”

Efficiency and Engagement: Tips for Success

  • EVERY post needs a picture or video; you can’t post plain text and expect to get full engagement anymore
  • Use tools (such as SocialChamps or Hootsuite) to efficiently deploy content to multiple social media accounts.
  • Repeating posts a few times can be okay – with the constant swirl of social media, repeats can actually increase exposure. Guy repeats posts about four times.
  • Never stop learning. Guy stresses that it is crucial to be up to date and aware of the latest trends and practices, or it’s easy to get left behind.

The Evolving Art of Social Media

With all of these tips and tricks, you should be well on your way to putting your best foot forward with social media marketing! If you feel like you still need a nudge, no worries! We have even more amazing content from Guy to soothe your soul, be sure to check out…

  • “The Art of Evangelism: How to Promote Your Product, Service, Company, or Idea.”  This is Guys latest course teaching you everything you need to know about evangelism! As he states it, “Being an evangelist has changed my life and I realized I have the opportunity to put together a training to help people all over the world learn about the art of evangelism from my point of view.” (Not to mention, it’s 90% off right now!)

Looking for more social media lessons? Get your copy of Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer and foreword by Guy Kawasaki.

Social PR Secrets BookReported by Sydney Thompson 

Image Source: Guy Kawasaki


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