Google to Patent Social Influence


by Nicole Balistreri

It’s a Social Media Revolution!

Social media is poised on the brink of a new revolution. Google recently filed a patent application for it’s newest proprietary technology that determines the biggest influencers on the web.

So, it’s like high school except instead of boyfriend stealing and homecoming queens, this popularity contest helps determine how to place ads and brand-related applications with more targeted accuracy than ever before.

For those of us in the online PR world, that means more valuable opportunities to place our client’s brand and messaging on pages that are undoubtedly visited/run by the biggest influencers online.

Better ROI anyone? Yes please.

So far, Google has remained pretty mum on the subject, declining to be interviewed for Business Week’s article on the topic. However, we do know it’s based on the same principles as Google PageRank; that coveted number that tells us how popular our client’s pages are in a group of online search results.

Google’s social media ranking has the potential to be more valuable to online PR than PageRank could ever be. Just imagine, finding your best online brand advocates – and talking only to them. It’s an online PR and social media dream!


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