Google + PR Equals Social PR Mash Up!


Online PR strategists roll up your social media sleeves. The online PR playbook gets a new chapter!
Right when you thought social media was everything it could be; Google + enters the scene and actually…steals the scene.
It’s a social media mash  up says Forbes Fred Cavazza and…I agree.

Meet me at my Google + mash up and let’s exchange socail medi aand PR notes on how we “Like” it. I created some Google , looking for places to out and will definitely be creating some sparks!

What you can find on Google + as of today (just two days after the roll out)
The result is a combination of what other social players are offering:

  • Profiles and friends’ lists (think Facebook and LinkedIn)

  • Status updates with links or photos (as in Twitter or Tumblr)

  • Photo sharing from your computer or your smartphone (Imagine Flickr or Instagram)

  • Video chat (Google’s Skype)

  • Mobile short messaging

  • Curated content (like WordPress or

I’m semi-sold.

But what I am anxious to see is the Google + version for businesses to set-up brands – think Facebook Pages. That’s the Social PR Mash up I am waiting for.



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