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Online public relations just got a raise from Google’s new algorithm that is said to impact 35 percent of searches and better determines when to serve more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness. What does this mean? Last year’s event news is history and gets now bumped from Google page one results. Does this give new life to the event online press release or blog post?

For example: When I am searching for information on PubCon or SES Chicago, I want to see the most recent buzz from this year’s event, not the agenda from 2009. I want to know what is happening at PubCon 2011 without having to put in the 2011.  I want to see trending and relative content like what Matt Cutts has to say about this Google Fresh Update.

“We have been watching the QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) Algorithm for the past two years in Google. This new Google algo update seems to take that concept to a new level,” said author of the SEO Diet Joe Laratro.

With Google’s Fresh update, searchers will be served up the freshest content from

  • Optimized press releases
  • Online newsrooms
  • Social media newsrooms
  • Blog posts
  • Questions and answers
  • Fresher results
  • More reviews
  • Most recent news from current events
  • Social media posts and updates
  • Trending topic
  • Google + posts – coming soon

The new formula brings up minutes-old results for recent events, like an unfolding news story, and for recurring events like the Oscars or a political campaign. It will also show fresher results for topics that are often updated, like reviews of a new iPhone. It will understand that unlike breaking news, reviews from a few weeks ago are also useful, the company said according to the New York Times.

Americans still turn to Google for two-thirds of their Web searches, but for people who want the latest search and social buzz about events happening now, it competes with Facebook, Twitter and Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, which includes more Twitter and Facebook posts than Google does in search results.

Different searches have different freshness needs. This algorithmic improvement is designed to better understand how to differentiate between these kinds of searches and the level of freshness you need, and make sure you get the most up to the minute answers, according to the official Google Search blog.

Want the most up to date results, just Google it! Google is giving us fresher, more recent search results. Looks like a spin city dream in search for PR pros that “get” the balance of reporting news that is optimized for Google and the searcher!

Speaking of PubCon Vegas 2011, you can find me there next week speaking on the panels

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