Google+ Hangout: Optimizing Your Website for Social Media, PR & Search, #SESSF Coverage

Google Hangout with Lisa Buyer and Rebecca Murtagh
Google Hangout with Lisa Buyer and Rebecca Murtagh

Did you know that many of your website visitors are so obsessed with their mobile devices that they answer calls, check Facebook, send texts and read emails during sex?It’s true, read the study.

You better believe they are also social surfing, searching, shopping and reading the news from a mobile device. Those same people are visiting your website from all mobile devices. But wait, is your website social and mobile ready to welcome your visitors who are ready to share and care with your brand? If not – you could lose them at hello, forever! Now that’s bad public relations.

Hot off the conference sessions of SES San Francisco,  join me on a Google+ Hangout hosted by Rebecca Murtagh, author of Million Dollar Websites. Together we will be chatting about the reports on how organizations can optimize websites for Social Media, Public Relations and Search Marketing…as well as some Social PR Secrets!

Date: Tuesday, September 17th
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm ET
Place: Google+ Hangout


We will share some of the latest trends and news reported by digital marking experts from around the world including:

  • Is your Social PR plan optimized for the mobile visitors?
  • What Social PR content works best to attract the mobile users to a website.
  • Mobile PR tips to dial in your audience.
  • Social Media no, no’s to avoid public relations disasters.
  • How to avoid a Google Analytics disaster.
  • Cool publishing platforms to help deliver company news in social and mobile fashion10841062_m (1).

Social PR Secrets Bonus: Lisa Buyer will be giving away a free copy of her book Social PR Secrets to one of the attendees during the last 15 minutes of the hangout!

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