10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions For PR Success


What can’t I live without in my Social PR life? A daily Starbucks latte for starters, a yoga class to clear the mind and my Social PR savvy Google Chrome extensions. It’s this combo of must-haves that boost my public relations workflow and keep me one step ahead of digital insanity.

Let me walk you through my Social PR day

I wake up with a latte in hand and start browsing the new stream using the Buffer extension to extract and share my favorite highlights from stories. Then I scope out my engagement across social channels Agorapulse. I get a look into what strategies users are responding to and how the competitors may be doing 

While scoping out my inbox I check the progress on my email pitches with Streak. I no longer wonder with anxiety if that journalist or blogger received my pitch because this extension lets me know if the email was opened and from what device – super sneaky but what a peace of mind!

On any given day I am using multiple devices and writing stories, presentations and Social PR proposals. That means I’m sifting through all sorts of reports, articles and digital content. Thanks to Evernote, I tag, bookmark and organize my research as I see it; even when I stumble onto some unrelated but very important information like a hotel I want to stay at or a pair of shoes I am being remarketed for by Nordstroms.

I also use Pinterest to organize my Social PR life on easy-to-search, visual boards where I organize things I want to reference like infographics, events, articles and personal projects like hair, fashion and home design. What would I do without the Pin It button on my browser?

Last but not least, I am not sure how I ever lived without Asana (and Google Docs) for collaboration. Asana also offers a Google extension to easily add things to my growing to-do list or assign it to another person on my team. I check this at the start, middle and end of my Social PR workday to keep my priorities straight and make sure I’m on the right track regarding deadlines.

The Social PR Skinny on my fave Google Chrome Extensions

Sharing and Caring with Influence

  • Buffer Extension
    • What it does: Lets me curate and share anything from the web to and from  Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
    • 270k+ users and 14k+ 5-star reviews
    • How I use it best: I love to use the Buffer extension to go back to my own evergreen content and share highlights and schedule it over the weekend or nights. This is my favorite way to drive quality traffic back to past content on my domain. You can also Buffer RTs, Facebook Posts and Pictures from Facebook to Twitter.
  • Agorapulse
    • What it does: This software makes social media management a breeze. It provides a singular place to schedule content, get reports, and engage with followers.
    • How I use it: One of the most effective parts of Agorapulse is social media analysis. Not only does it calculate ROI for you but it also finds and compares competitor data to make sure your methods stack up against the rest. 

Real-time Productivity and  Communications

  • GrammarlyGrammarly
    • What it does: This plugin makes you look like an English Aficionado correcting any written grammar, punctuation or spelling. 
    • How I use it: It’s imperative to be free of errors when sending messages to other professionals. Grammarly works as a Chrome extension and as a cellphone app to edit your text. It saves so much time by checking your words and sentences as you type rather than waiting until the entire document is finished to analyze it for mistakes. 
  • Contact Out Contact out
    • What it does: Allows you to access a database and find emails to thousands of people to recruit
    • How I use it:  This Chrome extension works as a perfect pair with LinkedIn to help you find the emails and phone numbers of potential colleagues. 
  • Streak for Gmail Streak
    • What it does: Besides its awesome CRM powers, this plugin notifies me when someone opens my email and each time it is viewed including the type of device.
    • How I use it: After being tipped off about this extension from my SEO friend Matt Craine when I opened an email but never answered him, I fell in love with the concept of tracking someone’s email  (as long as I am not the one being tracked) 🙂  I love the immediate gratification of knowing that someone received and viewed my email! Streak notifies me the minute someone views my email, no more following up and saying “Did you get my email?” I also love the feature that lets you schedule emails so if I am working late at night or on the weekend I can schedule the email to go out early in the morning so nobody knows when I am working.
  • Rocket Reach rocketreach
    • What it does: This plugin allows me to find the contact information of anyone on LinkedIn or any other professional website. 
    • How I use it: Despite it being a professional connection website, reaching out to people on LinkedIn can feel a bit empty or impersonal. People love when you go the extra mile to find their personal email to reach out to them about professional opportunities. I love that once installed, this plugin just searches through databases to help make those direct connections. 

Synchronizing Social PR Research

  • Evernote Web Clipper  Evernote
    • What it does: Easily saves and organizes things I see on the web.
    • How I use it: Working on my iPhone, iPad, Air and iMac can be tricky, especially since I work on all these devices at the same time all day long. What a digital geek! But in order to keep it all in one in one place, I use Evernote (and Google Docs) so everything is synchronized and I can take one device and have it all at my fingertips.
  • Pinterest Pin It Button Pinterest
    • What it does: Visual social media lovers can’t live without this easy way to Pin while you work.
    • How I use it: Many times I am researching multiple stories and projects at once and always looking for visuals stats. I can build a research board with the first pin and add more information as I find it throughout my Social PR day.


  • Asana  Asana
    • What it does: I love their motto: teamwork without email.
    • How I use it: The Asana extension lets me assign a task to myself or someone else on my team without having to open another window.  Fun factoid; It was founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein, who both worked on improving the productivity of employees at Facebook. Thank you @Kristaneher for giving me the heads up on the awesome-ness of Asana.
  • Google Docs
    • What it does: Technically, not an extension… but if you don’t know what Google Docs can do to change your life, you need to get out from under Microsoft.
    • How I use it: The question is how don’t I use it? I use Google Docs every day instead of anything I ever used Microsoft Word for.

Working in public relations with a heavy emphasis on search marketing and social media, many days are unpredictable but one thing is for sure: you will find browsers and many tabs are open on my computer at any given time.

People have always complimented me on how well I can seemingly compartmentalize things in my life to stay focused and avoid distractions. Well, I must admit;  it becomes increasingly harder with the constant social media flow and always-on work life of today. Without these Google Chrome extensions, my workday would be more like a toxic wasteland than a productivity hub.

Do you have a favorite extension or Social PR work hack to share? Do tell! I am always researching for Social PR Secrets updates.



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