Going Viral: Lisa Buyer Picks @ChipotleTweets as PR Video of Year in @Passleme Awards


Chipotle: May I have your order please?

Lisa Buyer: I’ll have a burrito made responsibly with love and integrity in a world sheltered by the harsh realities of food processing, hold the hormones and preservatives with goodness on the side, please.

SocialPRSecretsbyLisa_BuyerIt was a tough choice for Lisa Buyer when asked to judge the Passle PR Video of the Year Awards. The criteria included most thought provoking and creative. Her first place pick was Chipotle’s , an online video released on YouTube that creatively (and criptically) delivers an organic message; raising the bar for us all to join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food.

With Cisco projecting that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, brands using video for storytelling is a Social PR ROI reality.

It was without a contrived PR spin and sent a very authentic message. Whether you like Chipotle or not, after watching the video one can’t help but have a new level of respect for the brand; and want to share the message.

“I thought Chipotle executed the best campaign for its video. With an app to boot, the campaign does a remarkable job of building a social community that focuses on quality food production,” Buyer said.

“Besides Chipotle’s incredible investment in creativity and storytelling, their Scarecrow campaign, which has been viewed nearly 12 million times to date, was by far the most thought provoking and impactful, without being too self serving about the brand itself.  Instead the video showcases Chipotle’s eco-friendly message, and even seems to question the fast food’s place in the dwindling food eco-system we are forced to live and eat in.”

To see all the finalists for the Passle PR Video of the Year Awards, click here.

For brands wanting to “go viral” on social media, there is a thing or two or 16 they can learn from the winners here.

The potential of online video isn’t some abstract idea. One doesn’t have to look very far these days to see the impact online video is already having in the world of public relations content and marketing. Take for example, the staggering results of a recent online campaign by Volkswagen, which went viral and garnered over 155 million views worldwide on YouTube and other sites.

Online video is changing how marketers connect with potential customers, and the nature of marketing content itself. Removed from the confines of a typical 60 second advertisement, companies are moving away from traditional promotional campaigns and weaving their brand message into broader story lines based around their products. Such longer form videos, where the brand often takes a supporting role, are generating tremendous amounts of buzz and impact both online and beyond. More and more brands are hopping on the online video bandwagon, each putting more and more creativity into these campaigns.

What is Passle?

Here is the full story on how Passle started, but the short story is:

Passle is a new platform that allows marketers and brands to showcase their work with its online tool that brings together  collaborative research and content marketing.

About Passle PR Video of the Year Awards

From thousands of submissions Passle has narrowed the field down to 16 insightful, inspiring and entertaining videos from across the globe. Four awards were handed out by judges from across the branding spectrum, including Lisa Buyer.  The other judges are Siân Gaskell, the founding director of award-winning PR agency CubanEight, Rich Leah, co-founder of the blogger outreach service Bloggabase and Elena Verlee, publisher of the blog PR In Your Pajamas. The people’s choice commanded the fifth award, based on the number of times each video is shared across social media.

All of the finalists did an exceptional job of putting the message before the brand, and thats why these videos have elicited such strong responses from viewers. Regardless of the budget or how the videos were executed, all stories told reinforced their brand power.

Lisa Buyer’s Favorite Videos

#1 Scarecrow 11M+ views

#2 Dove Real Beauty 61M+ Views

#3  Small World Machines by @CocaCola 2.3 M Views

#4 Jessie J – Price Tag lipdub by 500 women in Uganda 145,000+ views

#5 WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving – 35M+ Views

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