Getting Real with Social Media: #Pubcon Masters Group Speakers Share Favorites

Meet Jabez LeBret, Krista Neher and Lisa Buyer

Meet Jabez LeBret, Krista Neher and Lisa Buyer, three social media agents tasked with a mission: to lead the 2013 Pubcon Masters Group Training social media marketing track. Location: Las Vegas. The Assignment: Six hours of a social media business curriculum designed to cover the latest strategies in social media networks from organic and paid to visual and mobile to measurement and ROI to content publishing and publicity.

While the three do have social media expertise in common; each offers up unique perspectives, strategies and tactics on how to make your brand shine in the social media spotlight.

By day you can find them in different cities sharing their social media secrets, consulting and running a business; by night they are busy writing business books or enjoying some social media downtime.

Social PR Chat caught up with Krista, Jabez and Lisa to find out what they like best about social media in 2013 and what to watch for in 2014.

If you could only use one social media network – which one would it be and why?

Krista – Blog

I hate this question. Social media isn’t a “one-size fits all” marketing platform…Facebook is the biggest, but for BtoB LinkedIn can generate better results. That being said, we are getting really great results on some of the newer sites like Instagram and Pinterest. I also just converted an excellent client lead who found me through YouTube suggested videos. That being said, if I could ONLY do ONE thing, it wouldn’t be any of those. It would be our blog. Our blog is the #1 source of traffic and links to our site, and many of are shared hundreds of times on social networks by people who like the content.

Follow Krista Neher, social media expert and author of Visual Social Media Marketing.
Follow Krista Neher, social media expert and author of Visual Social Media Marketing.

Jabez – LinkedIn

No question – LinkedIn. It may not be the largest, most used or easiest, but it makes up for all this with the quality of users. With a strategic approach you should be able to build strong relationships with new business partners and prospects. If someone is looking for volumes of sales then reaching thousands of people via groups is amazing. If you are prospecting for high-yield long-term sales then being able to connect with people directly is a huge advantage. Since people are on LinkedIn for business and not pleasure you are also not competing with their family and friends for their attention. Makes the whole thing less creepy when you try to connect with them for business reasons.  

Lisa – Facebook

Even in the pre-social media days I was a social networker and I’m a big believer in relationship building. I like Facebook because it mixes business and social and just about everyone is on it whether they use it for personal, business or both. What I love about Facebook from a business perspective is the power of custom targeting. If you really do your research on the ins and outs of Facebook targeting on you can really zero in on attracting quality referring traffic to your website or blog, the ones that convert and turn into loyal fans.


What is your favorite social media “find” for 2013?

Krista – Piktochart

In 2013 the best thing that I found was an AMAZING infographic builder called Piktochart. It features drag-and-drop user friendly software that allows you to easily create your own infographics without a designer. I’ve even started using our infographics in other ways — for example: in our recent Blogging for Business training program,  I created 3 infographics about blogging and used those to run the training program instead of powerpoint. The feedback was great and you can see the infographics here: The best part is that they don’t take forever to make – I made all three of these in one night with a few glasses of wine. 🙂

Jabez LeBret takes a social media "time out" for a Tough Mudder run in Seattle.
Jabez LeBret takes a social media “time out” for a Tough Mudder run in Seattle.

Jabez – Social Media Downtime

The off button. Seriously, it is time people take a look at how much energy they are spending on social channels. I am not saying you shouldn’t spend time on social networks, but ensuring it is strategic is important. Know where the off button is and you will save yourself the temptation of posting for the sake of eposting.

 Lisa – Haiku Deck

There have been a few really good finds this year, but what I really love about Haiku Deck is the fact I can create beautiful and powerful presentations on my Ipad, eliminating the need for powerpoint! Haiku Deck is also a very mobile friendly way to tell a visual story, a perfect match in visual storytelling a brand’s news story.

What should marketers be thinking most about for 2014?

Krista – Awesome Content

In 2014 marketers need to really think about how to make their content awesome. People keep talking about content marketing and there is a lot of pressure for marketers to push out a lot of content – on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The challenge is that these networks are becoming more and more cluttered and people have less time and patience. This means that we need to move away from a mindset of just pushing content out and start thinking about less content that is REALLY GOOD. The bar is constantly rising on social media content – look at the Oreos 100th anniversary campaign on Facebook. What I would start thinking about is how can I take my content or posts to the next level and actually get results from it versus posting stuff on schedule that gets less and less visibility.

Jabez – Message Control

Over the next year marketers will need to pay close attention to controlling their messaging throughout multiple channels within their own organization. No longer is there one department that can handle the complexities of social communication plans. Customer service, PR, marketing, sales and many departments are going to need cohesive messaging to effectively reach your prospects and clients.

Lisa – Social Brand Journalism and Mobile PR

Some forward thinking brands are actually making their online newsroom as their website’s landing page5 to showcase the company’s fresh news content whether it be the feed from Instagram, latest blog articles, third-party news, industry news or related news. If you are not optimizing you public relations news content for mobile, you are, well…missing practically everyone. 

One of Lisa Buyer's Social PR Secrets is creating the space to practice yoga.
One of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets is creating the space to practice yoga.

Tell us about your latest books

Krista – Visual Social Media Marketing

I’m currently writing Visual Social Marketing for Dummies, which is based on my bestselling book Visual Social Media Marketing which came out at the beginning of this year. The book should be published early next year.

Jabez – Online Law Practice Strategies (2013)

And he is planning another!  In 2014 we are releasing a new version of Online Law Practice Strategies and a version of the same book for properly establishing your business online.

Lisa – Social PR Secrets

This was the first in a series of Social PR Secrets, the next two are due out in early 2014 and will focus on Facebook PR Secrets and Twitter PR Secrets, drilling deeper into the popular networks that are effective in brand journalism and reporting news.

Next conference after Pubcon?

Krista – Bootcamp Digital’s Online Advertising Training

Jabez – DreamForce #DF13

Lisa – SMXSocial

In case you miss the Pubcon Masters Training Day, you can catch up with Krista, Jabez and Lisa speaking on several Pubcon sessions throughout the conference or at the after hours networking events. 




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