Four PR Tools to Test Email Marketing


By Sarah Van Elzen

Using email as a PR tool is done everyday on personal and business emails. All interactive public relations strategies should include today’s most universal mode of communication…email.

Your overflowing inbox stands as proof that the majority of today’s communication activity happens through online conversation and email. From a business standpoint, email marketing can be successful and beneficial if the right tactics are used.

On the other hand, when strong email marketing strategies are not employed, your message can stir negative associations with your brand.

To ensure positive brand recognition, ensure all of the elements of successful email campaigns are in place.  If not, do some more editing until the checklist is complete.  Here’s why:

1.    The subject line of your email determines if it will actually be opened. This has an impact on your company’s brand equity. In fact, 30 percent of consumers in a recent study by DoubleClick say the subject line most often determines whether they open an email or delete it.
2.    Your email may end up in the spam filter if your links are not set up properly or you have a poor reputation
3.    Special offers in email work best when they support the brand or industry you are sending to.  You can get more than three times the lift in response if the offer is relevant to the message, so recognize the importance of content/subject line relation.
4.    If you leave out the option to control the email subscription (opting in or out) you loose credibility and risk reputation issues.

We recommend sending all online communication by ways of best practice email marketing. If you are interested in taking the work out of your hands, The Buyer Group offers interactive pr programs that include email marketing. Email Lisa Buyer ( to learn how to integrate email marketing into your online pr strategy and check back in the next few days for more pr tools and email marketing tips.


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