Emily Zeck’s Art of Social Media, Singing and Surfing 🍍


Emily Zeck Art of Social Media, Singing and Surfing


We caught up with University of Florida student, singer, and social media rising star Emily Zeck (also known as @thatpineapplegirl) to talk about her music and her social media following of 357,000+!

The Florida native Emily Zeck is calling California home for the time being, and she says that the move was something she knew was going to happen.

“I basically used up all of Florida in regards to music, this is where I needed to be.”

Who is Emily Zeck Anyway?

With a newly released EP, it’s clear that Emily is chasing her passion no matter what coast she’s on.

But music isn’t the only thing this beach babe is crushing on. For the past few years, she has been growing a substantial following on Instagram. How did she start? It was her weekend hobby, a way to score free stuff she was interested in. Emily says she realized she could get free bikinis if she posted bikini pictures, and as a broke college student, the idea of getting hundreds of dollars of free beachwear made her give it a shot.

It wasn’t long until people started to notice. Local photographers started reaching, and while they built their portfolios, while Emily built her following. When she was contacted by a brand she originally said no – and she’s glad she changed her mind. While she was initially hesitant about giving up college full-time, she realized in an Insta that this was the future of media.

So she decided to take it seriously. She got a lawyer so no one could take advantage of her. She told her family, and with their support, she tackled social media as a full-time job. Being an influencer has ironically allowed her the freedom to pursue college and her music career at the same time as well. Emily doesn’t think she would have gotten as far and as fast as she has without Instagram;

“Social media has allowed me to meet people I idolize, to work with people and produce with artists, I feel like I would never have been able to work with.”

Sharing Instagram Secrets and More

Lisa Buyer spotted Emily’s Instagram feed when grading assignments in her social media management class @UF. While most college students are just starting out in social media, “that pineapple girl” had a thing or two to share about her social media success. Lisa and Emily caught up for a Facebook Live interview where the two talked about how it’s possible to ride the Instagram success wave at any age! Watch the full video, here.

10 Actionable Social Media Tips From Instagram Influencer Emily Zeck

Study your craft. When Emily started there wasn’t a science to social media, but it has been evaluated at the psychological level. Use the science!

It is far better to give than to receive. Give people what you want. If you take the time to build up a specific audience, cater to them and they will keep coming back and grow!

Engage, Engage, Engage. Read your comments, and pay attention to what your followers are going through. If you see comments like “I am unmotivated” then post something uplifting! Engage with them.

The Good & The Bad. There are many influencers on social media, which means there are a lot of examples (good and bad!) all around. See what others are doing and learn something from it, whether the lesson is good or bad.

Originality, Branding and  🍍Pineapples. Because there are so many people doing it, that also means you need to stand out! Whether it is branding, style, or just prickly fruit – find your niche! Emily picked the pineapple as her branding icon. There’s even an emoji for that. 🍍

Posts, Stories and Video Details

Remarkable. Once you have your unique quality, build on it! You can create products that capture the essence of your individuality and use that to stay stuck in your follower’s heads.

Consistent & Diverse. Social media influencing requires dedication and in order to cultivate a following, they need to see new content regularly. But it can’t all be the same! Make sure your feed has a little diversity so that it stays engaging.

Turbo Speed. Social media moves quickly, so factor in some time to stay on top of the latest trends and information. If you fall behind it’s hard to catch up, so get current!

Attention to detail matters. Take the time before you hit a post to make sure everything looks up to your brand’s standard, that your captions and hashtags have no mistakes.

Tools are for new tricks. Use the latest tools, if you want to stay on top of the latest algorithm changes. The new poll feature and live videos are two ways to avoid plateauing under the new system, so make sure to use your new tricks and avoid the slump!

Make sure to check Emily out on Instagram @thatpineapplegirl and listen to her latest EP.

Share your favorite Instagram tips in the comments below.

Want more? Check out Lisa Buyer’s latest Search Engine Journal article, 5 Ways Instagram Optimization Can Make You Famous. 


Image Source: Lisa Buyer's UFSMM Student, @ThatPineappleGirl Instagram Account
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