Eat. Pray. Publish. Brands Bank on Social PR Publishing Platforms in 2014 (Part 1)

Smart brands are publishing company news to reach the mobile, tablet and traditional desktop user.

With the news of social reader Flipboard raising $50 million in funding this week, social media aggregator RebelMouse raising another $10.25 million last month and the iPad storytelling app HaikuDeck pulling in $3 million earlier this year-  it looks like creating social magazine-like experiences is IN!

Publishing platforms are getting bankrolled for a reason, brands (and consumers) are seeing the value of publishing their own editorial content. How will your content rise above the content clutter? The smartest brands are taking the advice of David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of eight books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.


On the SES San Francisco panel Social Publicity and Publishing; Michelle Stinson-Ross and I explored new social venues to garner publicity and how to use different publishing platforms that will spread your company news in a search, mobile, social and visual way. My full presentation can be found at the end of this post.

I reviewed several up and coming publishing platforms to help any size brands deliver news and curate content:

RebelMouse – When the founder is the former CTO of the HuffPost, investors and editors listen. Expanding your social community and curating your brand’s social media networks is no longer a game of cat and mouse with the power of RebelMouse’s intuitive user interface and simplicity.

RebelMouse for Social PR They make it easy for everyone – individuals, brands, publishers, nonprofits, bloggers – to socially relate,  integrate, curate and aggregate content from multiple sources, feeds and urls in a way that  pumps social life into any website or blog. Top publishers from outlets such as Men’s Health, Time and ESPN are using RebelMouse for social new storytelling. Check out my RebelMouse powered domain for to see the potential. You can even link in your Google Analytics, publish custom content like a blog and create your own design and layout.

Triberr – It’s a social network, a content distribution tool and an influencer marketplace.  Which part wouldn’t a brand want? Started in 2010 by Dino Dogan  and  Dan Cristo; Triberr is one of the best kept Social PR Secrets in the blogging community and one could argue should be “a must” on every blogger’s community building and blogger outreach program.Triberr for Social PR

Have Tribe, Will Share. Top, middle and beginner influencers get a chance mix, mingle and share content; including access to some of the top authors from Forbes, HuffPost and Inc as part of 50,000 groups of bloggers now a part of Triberr. Sign up with Triberr and add your blog RSS feed, link your social networks and start building a tribe or researching a tribe to join. In no time you can build and meet a community of trusted bloggers to share content and collaborate on ideas.  There is domino effect of amplification builder that any brand would want.

“I use Triberr as a tactical medium to connect my social messaging to people within the Triberr network that have like-minded interests. If they chose to then forward that out to their own collective of followers, they too usually having the same interests and mindset, I’ve multiplied my reach exponentially with no effort whatsoever on my part. They question as I see it is, why wouldn’t you use it? You network, tap into new content and then you might virally spread your messaging!?! It’s a no-brainer,”  said Justice Mitchell, Global Director of Social Media for Kaseya and Triberr member since 2010. He is currently is part of 22 tribes including more than 2000 bloggers with a reach of 47 million.

WordPress might be the king of content publishing, but will the surge of mobile and tablet, more boutique publishing platforms are making headlines for themselves and brands. Watch for part 2 of this story to be published this week and learn about my favorite social PR publishing platforms for 2014.

To read more from the SES San Francisco session Social Publicity and Platforms, check out my article in Search Engine Watch: Gaining Publicity With Social Talk Shows: Google+ Hangouts and Twitter Chats.

Or take the secret handshake with me and read my book Social PR Secrets. 🙂


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