Disrupting and Crushing Public Relations, the Gary Vaynerchuk Way #AskGaryVee

So what’s the main challenge for PR? Vaynerchuk thinks the challenge for PR is in finding the value.
So what’s the main challenge for PR? Vaynerchuk thinks the challenge for PR is in finding the value.

Many public relations agencies are quantifying the wrong shit. Period. Bottomline. End of story. Internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk chatted with #PRWeek about the current state of public relations, advertising, agency life, and brand dynamics. Famous for his YouTube show #AskGaryVee and growing his social media agency in 2011 from 30 to 600 employees, Vaynerchuk had no problem pointing out some reality crushers:

  • Shhhhhh…Everyone in public relations (or any industry) can reverse engineer a report to justify the spend. That’s the problem.
  • The longtail of PR is challenged because it is so spread wide.
  • Everything is pay-to-play because, well… it’s effective.
  • Facebook is the single best ad product in the last 20 years of marketing.
  • Instagram in 2016 will be the best all-time ad product ever.

A Public Relations Disruption

“The current state of the Internet is a massive fragmentation,” said Vaynerchuk, the CEO and also his agency’s best social media practitioner. “Media publications, as we traditionally knew them, are being competed by human beings [and] with social media content.”

So what’s the main challenge for PR? Vaynerchuk thinks the challenge for PR is in delivering the value (and being practical about it). Here are six highlights he hammered out to the PRWeek crowd on how to make the most of your business through Social PR:

6 Ways To Create Business Value for Public Relations and Social Media Pros

1. Measure: Do you have the right stuff?

Vaynerchuk suggests to “force your client to put everything on the line and justify the spend”—basically make your client tell you their business objectives, then quantify it!

2. Allow social media to be a “black and white space”.

Don’t over complicated social media. In Vaynerchuk’s words: “Create absolutely no debate if the things you’re doing are driving the business.”

3. Follow the people’s attention.

Realize that peoples’ attentions are on mobile. If you aren’t paying attention to that, then you just aren’t paying attention.

4. Value: It’s a real-time world.

Time is of the essence; people are no longer having a regular workday. Many don’t detach from work, in other words, people don’t have time for 30-second ads or pop-ups. Create #Space for your customer.

“Besides health and money, time is the only thing we care about,” said Vaynerchuk.

Following up with the media via phone calls? Think again!
Following up with the media via phone calls? Think again!

When Vaynerchuk asked the audience,

“How many people are upset when a human being calls you?”

60% of the room was upset. Think about that. Time is important.

Social PR Secret: Read between the lines: The days of following up with journalists (or anyone) via phone are long over.

5. Reinvent advertising.

People like to be productive. Don’t waste time. Make sure your advertising brings value.
As Vaynerchuk said, “the second a commercial goes on in your household, you grab your mobile phone, you aren’t watching a jeep drive up a mountain.”

6. Keep up with the social media world.

This is just the beginning for the social media world. The market is constantly moving, and it’s our job to figure out how to bring value to people to do what we want them to do.

Listen up public relations industry peeps: Where we consume our media from is changing. It’s getting spread wide. Don’t forget, the creative is the variable if you are going to be successful.

Social PR Secret: Use these 10+ Visual PR tools and rules when creating your media.

Want to learn more? View the full video from #PRWeek featuring Gary Vaynerchuk:

About Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur (since he was eight years old,) investor, author, public speaker, and Internet personality. He currently runs VaynerMedia, one of the hottest digital agencies. Besides running a digital agency, Vaynerchuk is also the host of The #AskGaryVee Show, investor and venture capitalist, author, and one of Fortune and Crain’s 40 under 40. For more information about Gary Vaynerchuk, make sure to visit his website at http://garyvaynerchuk.com/, it might just help you stop doing shit you and your clients hate.

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Reported by Nicole Parra 

Image Source:Gary Vaynerchuk
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