Digital Hipster #Probook is Online #PR Playbook, 29 Experts Share


It’s digitally cool when 29 social media-minded experts collaborate for a resource that everyone in the marketing universe can learn from.
Kind of like the little black book (but it’s red) of social media.
What’s even cooler;  I personally know two of them and had the pleasure of sharing panels at Search Engine Strategies and PubCon with PR online rockers and #ProBook peeps Adam Singer and Sarah Evans. They both bring a unique and fresh perspective to the online PR world.  As we know,  it’s life in the online fast lane as the PR industry absorbs a whole new way of thinking.
The Social Media Probook (#Probook), recently launched from Eloqua and JESS3. It’s a 42-page free (really) e-book written by a cross-section of social marketers from brands and agencies, analysts, and social support professionals across both business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries.
The Social Media ProBook

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Some of my favorite excerpts from the e-book

Brad Cohen’s What’s Next? As corporate blogs become more, well, “corporate,” forward-looking brands are  beginning to use hosted services like Posterous  and Tumblr to establish “lightweight” blogs.  These properties help companies get messages and digital assets to market faster than they  could on a more rigorously managed corporate blog or Website.

How to Internally Organize Social Media by Joe Chernov is an organizational read in today’s transitional marketing world. I felt like printing it and mailing it to about five CEOs that I know. Great points about having structure but not scaring people into being branded robots; more like showing them a safe path to socia media professionalism.

Organic usually is equated with meaning a good thing.  But when used to describe your company’s social media structure, organic can be code for “chaos.” There must be structure in the fluid world of social media illustrates Chernov. Remind colleagues of the adage, “You are who search engines say you are,” and emphasize that being actively involved across social channels gives us the opportunity to basically write your own reputation. Former US Vice President Al Gore said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”   Great words of wisdom for social strategists and reminders to get support from top down. Establish Service Level Agreements – or SLAs – with each department.

Brilliant. This helps answer questions like:
In which networks will they participate? How quickly will they respond on Twitter? How often will they produce content? Is there a particular community they want to “own”?

Scott Monty, Head of Social Media for Ford Motor, said it best when it comes to PR and social media: Every PR professional needs to at least understand the fundamentals of social media. From journalists to government officials to celebrities.
I say, Amen.

When trying to Scale your Social Media Strategy some solid advice comes from
Ekaterina Walter and Bryan Rhoad
. You have to love this socialized nugget that actually is a positive when it comes to enabling.

Enablement is key to successful social media adoption. It is important to provide the right guidance and training to those Social Media Professionals who want to engage on behalf of your brand, but either don’t know how to do it or could potentially do it in an inappropriate manner.

PR Partner in Crime Adam Singer talks about the “analysis paralysis” that can hurt businesses contemplating Social Media. Singer states:

Unfortunately time spent questioning the value of the social Web hurts a lot of businesses causing them to miss any early mover opportunity that might be left in their category. Their competitors aren’t questioning, they’re executing. Good one!

Social PR fashionista Sarah Evans talks about how PR pros should approach Social Media. The #journchat founder discusses creating a social media collateral list and reminds us that social media is a team sport.  Evans delves into how to create a routine and how to best promote

success via media engagement and repurposing media coverage via your own blog or also social media networks. Syndicating, monitoring, broadcasting, reusing, repurposing, engaging, conversing and interacting are all part of the Sarah Evans PR #Playbook, and it should be a best seller that all PR Peeps should live by.

The Social Media #Playbook is must read and we will be covering more of the expert opinions and insights on the rules of social media advertising, how to use infographics, Geo for PR, the influencers and why PR should care. In the meantime, checkout  the full e-book.


  1. Lisa,

    I think you just wrote my favorite blog post on The Social Media ProBook. Loved every word! This was a really fun project to be part of, much less organize. Thanks for your support and for distributing the #ProBook. Your analysis makes one thing very clear: YOU are exactly who we created this content for. Thanks for being part of it.

    Your fan,
    Joe Chernov


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