How To Add Time and Happiness To Your Social Media Life


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Having time..the story of my social media life. How about yours? Considering there is a finite number of hours (24 to be exact) available in the day and eight to 10 of those should be dedicated to sleeping, that leaves us 14-16 hours to work, eat and play.

Look at those three categories: work, eat and play – social media is potentially a controlling part of all three categories. So the key is that we don’t let the social media control us, that we control the social media and how we use it to our benefit.

Here’s how it goes: We multi-task, we work late, we wake up early, we say yes waaaaay too much, we over-schedule, we workout less and probably trade off quality for quantity in some way, shape or form. That’s the social media lifestyle in the digital age of real-time communication in a 24/7, no borders, no time zones, all global community.

If we continue to do this. We lose.

Because nobody ever said “Social Media Wanted: Dead or Alive.”


Saving time in your social media life is a repeating theme of why personal and business brands small and large are looking to use social media tools as a way to balance and make the most out of time available.

3 Things NOT to Do


If you are like me, you might think you are the best multi-tasker in the world. Yes, I do it once in awhile and it feels good. But I am aware of the hard facts that prove multitasking is not productive and can be self destructive.


Avoid Morning Meetings

Morning are proven to be the most productive, and creative times for most people, so save the meeting times for the afternoons in order to have the mornings to plan and be deliver your best.

Don’t Say Yes to Everything

I just finished reading a very insightful book that will help people like us who have this problem, The Power of No. As a PR professional I am in the business of positive outcomes and making people happy. If you say yes, that is usually the answer everyone wants to here. But the long term ramifications is that your needs are not met and in the long run you will suffer.

5 Things to DO

Create a Personal Productivity Calendar

Studies show the best times to write and create are the mornings when you your mind is the freshest. The best times for meetings are in the mid-afternoon, a time that is not cutting into the most productive time of day. Block off time to not send emails even if that is a time you are creating one. For example, instead of sending an email at midnight, use a tool such as Boomerang to schedule the email to go out at 8:30 am. This is a way to create boundaries and control expectations with your co-workers and avoid assumptions that you are available 24/7.


Trying to do it all yourself because, “nobody can do it as good as you” OR “you don’t have the time to delegate?” Think again and double your free time and productivity by outsourcing, asking for help or saying no. Even if it’s asking your boss for help, that’s going to improve the outcome.

 Create space by delegating


If something works, duplicate it versus constantly reinventing the wheel.

create space in your social media life: replicate 


Research shows that meditation working memory and improves executive function. It’s by design that digital companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter (the ones who started this mess) have meditation rooms for employees to refresh and recharge.

 Meditating Creates Productivity in Social Media

Social PR Secret: Meditate as little as five minutes a day using modern day apps such as Buddhify. 


Having an attitude of gratitude is the most productive mindful practice you can do to control stress and mood.

CEO of Likeable Local and keynote at the Social Tools Summit Dave Kerpen shared his indisputable number one tool,

the thank you card.  It changes your mood when you do this on a daily basis.

There’s no end in sight for social media. It’s here to stay, but that does not mean it needs to take over your life. For even more tips on how to prevent a social media life takeover, check out this Haiku Deck I created for my keynote at the Zenith Social Media conference.

How to Create More #Space in Your Social Media Life – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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