Coffee Talk, + Social Media


It’s no secret that traditional newspapers are facing an uphill battle when it comes to circulation and readership in this era of fast-paced, on-demand and online news. Instead of fighting this current, the South Florida Business Journal is riding it, using social media and online tactics to attract new readers and boost distribution of its stories.

Speaking at a breakfast presented by Business Wire, Kevin Gale, editor of the South Florida Business Journal, described how his paper is amending its business model to stay afloat in today’s market.

The paper is using Twitter posts, RSS feeds, cooperating with search engines and allowing users to e-mail copies of stories through its Web site in an effort to promote content in the weekly print editions.

While some papers feel Google has hurt the exclusivity of news stories, the South Florida Business Journal cooperates with the search engine to drive traffic to its site, Gale said.  Twitter serves the same purpose through tweets that link users directly to the Journal’s news stories.

“We want our site to be an electronic water cooler,” he said. “It’s become a place where people can gather to read and discuss analytical and insightful news of South Florida businesses.”



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