ClickZ Brews up a Cup of Google Instant in an Article by Lisa Buyer


ClickZ Brews up a Cup of Google Instant in an Article by Lisa BuyerOnline PR, SEO and social media maven @LisaBuyer declares once and for all that writing your way to the top of search is still possible in an article for ClickZ on Google Instant.

Buyer and SEO Expert Joe Laratro explain that because of Google Instant, long-tail search entries now compete with shorter terms that will appear first using the new technology – giving businesses that rely heavily on Google Adwords campaigns a run for their money. Therefore, less is more when it comes to online visibility in Google Instant.

How can businesses use Google’s latest cup of java to their advantage? Buyer says well written, organic content is still king – the difference lies in making sure your online PR strategy is consistent with what now produces results in a Google Instant.

Content in the form of the optimized:

  • Optimized press releases
  • Blog news post
  • Social media news
  • Online news article
  • Keyword-rich Web pages

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