Going Viral: Lisa Buyer Picks @ChipotleTweets as PR Video of Year in @Passleme Awards

Chipotle: May I have your order please? Lisa Buyer: I’ll have a burrito made responsibly with love and integrity in a world sheltered by the harsh realities of food processing, hold the hormones and preservatives with goodness on the side, please. It was a tough choice for Lisa Buyer when asked to judge the Passle […]

Social #PR Tips to Pitch Live! with Kelly, Today Show and Talk Show Producers

A public relations dream: A client sitting opposite Matt Lauer on the couch of the Today Show! But how do you get your pitch heard by the producers who book guests for major networks like ABC, NBC and CBS? Follow the social signals, get creative, practice brevity and embrace authority! Social PR Chat caught up […]

Mobile #PR Etiquette: Put Your Phone Down #PYPD (Video)

“Your text messages are not that important, dude.” A Public Service Announcement via Fog and Smog’s DJ Dave, the same artists who brought us Yoga Girl and

How To: Go Viral Like Rap Videos ‘Yoga Girl’ and ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot’

Pop culture artists Fog and Smog give new meaning to the term “friends with benefits.” The cutting-edge film and music industry entourage combined talent and pooled resources all in the name of fun and friendship. The result: Two of this year’s iconic videos spoofing the lifestyles of organic food shopping and yoga in LA. The […]