AR/VR Signs in Social Media and PR

virtual reality

What does Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Mean to Social Media? Cathy Hackl Tells All. And the future is here. Virtual Reality (VR),  Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) – these aren’t science fiction objects, these are the up and coming technologies that will change your world. We sat down with a pioneer in the […]

Lisa Buyer’s Must 📚 Read Picks In Search Engine Journal

lisa buyer search engine journal

So much information, so little time. This month I published my first article in Search Engine Journal, Yay! You might notice a new twist to my typical social PR angle.   What’s the big deal with Search Engine Journal? I  <3 this publication because of its savvy editorial content. It’s a collaboration of writers who […]

My @Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone

My Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone

Well now there’s one more reason to be obsessed with your mobile phone; Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing is now on iOS. Download, point, shoot, design, upload, live… action. All on the go with Canva. Joy to the social media manager’s world! Canva’s Off the Charts Test Results I was able to test drive […]

Visual Storytelling Secrets: Think Like @Ekaterina

visual storytelling with ekaterina

Social PR Chat caught up with the queen bee of visual storytelling: Ekaterina Walter! Who better to paint the image of how to use visuals, videos and social media to market your brand, than the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Think Like Zuck, and the women who has led marketing and strategic innovation for huge Fortune […]