50 Shades of Twitter for PR

50 Shades of Twitter for PR

Let’s face it: using Twitter for PR isn’t just sexy, it’s smart, it’s revealing, and it’s exposure (hopefully, though, not indecent exposure). It’s just plain good social PR sense. (Yes, I did, in fact, newsjack the latest trending movie, 50 Shades of Grey. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself when I realized that I have 50+ […]

15 Breaking Bad Social Media Takeaways on Twitter and More #Zenith2014

Where can you find the best social media takeaways on Twitter? Oh the places you can go! Customer service, branding, media relations, public relations, community management and Duluth, Minnesota! Yes Duluth, Minnesota… more than just a cold-sounding place, it’s actually a hotspot for up and coming social media superstars,  likeable talent and socialicious people. It’s […]

#SMX West and Lisa Buyer Share How Facebook, Twitter and #LI Paid Works

Paying to play? It’s against my public relations religion. That’s what Lisa Buyer would say five years ago if asked if she would be advocating the integration of paid advertising to amplify social media, public relations news and brand content. But today the lines of paid, earned and owned are blurred by the alluring potential […]