Twitter Mania: The Buyer Group Gives Two and a Half Cents to Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Twitter Rampage

In just 48 hours, Charlie has attracted 1.1 million followers. Social PR nightmare. Social media monster. Twitter taunter. That is how The Buyer Group describes Charlie Sheen. Who can sign up on Twitter millions of followers in two days besides someone so controversial with a sad yet entertaining drama unfolding. Manic is a good word […]

#FF News from The Buyer Group: #SESUK, #SMX

Namaste from The Buyer Group!

Made THE List: Must-See Internet Marketing Conference Speakers Marty Weintraub’s AdAge Top 150 blog included me in his list of Must-See Speakers! Big <3 to aimClear for the love! Here’s what he said… “Her approach to community management and PR is as refreshing as her engaging speaking style. Lisa is the “new social PR.” Speaking, […]

Crisis in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen Infographic : Real-Time Reporting via Twitter

Sysomos analyzed 52 million Twitter users, and discovered that only 14,642, or 0.027%, identified their location as Egypt, Yemen or Tunisia. Of these people, 88.1% were from Egypt, 9.5% from Tunisia and 2.13% from Yemen.

The infographic below shows a summary of the 14,642 Twitter users in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. From January 16-23 there were over 122,000 tweets in 6 days (January 24-30) there were over 1.3 million!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live PR Play

Live! From New York! It’s Mark Zuckerberg! Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

Oscar nominated, Jesse Eisenberg for his portrayal of Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” collaborated with Saturday Night Live comedian, Adam Samberg jokingly mocked Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook being valued at $50 billion dollars, the trademark t-shirt and jacket, and the inventor of “poking”. Mark Zuckerberg came on stage and continued the fun on stage.