‘Tis the Season: Anyone Looking for Digital Detox Secrets?

The holidays. It’s when we try to make everyone else happy and lose sight of what’s important to us. I caught up with Search Engine Journal’s Kelsey Jones to talk how to survive the consequences of social media. My next book is appropriately titled Digital Detox Secrets, and it’s all about digital lifestyle management, ok let’s […]

How #Yoga Can Save Your Social Media Obsessed Life. #Blab

The digital dish

Are you running social media or is social media running you? There’s a yoga pose for that. Meet up with The Digital Dish co-hosts Lisa Buyer and Cathy Hackl to talk with yoga entrepreneurs Paige Held and Kelly Green about the ROI yoga can play into social media marketing investments. When: Thursday, April 28 at […]

PR Happiness :) Notification: Your Inbox is at Zero

PR Happiness Notification: You're Inbox is at Zero

“Did you get my email?” says every publicist on the planet. In today’s PR world, checking your email inbox is similar to Pandora’s box: once it’s open, you’re exposed and can never go back. Behind every email is a person trying to get something done. They want you to do something. Buy this. Help that. […]

4 Ways to Live Mindfully in the Social Media World #Wisdom2Conf

wisdom 2.0 conference with Deepak Chopra

Focusing on the mindful moment rather than the social media newsfeed can be quite challenging. But the benefits of having purpose, intention and awareness as part of your business life can be profoundly rewarding, just ask the Master of mindfulness himself, Deepak Chopra. I was fortunate enough to grab a front row seat to Chopra’s […]