Social PR Match: Google+ vs. Facebook [infographic]

In the Social PR world we have new match ups between Google+ and Facebook. According to this Infographic published by technobombs, it looks like Google+ will be giving Facebook a run for its money! When you like something how will you express it?

Google + PR Equals Social PR Mash Up!

Be a Visual PR Hero Social PR Chat

Online PR strategists roll up your social media sleeves. The online PR playbook gets a new chapter! Right when you thought social media was everything it could be; Google + enters the scene and actually…steals the scene. It’s a social media mash  up says Forbes Fred Cavazza and…I agree. Meet me at my Google + […]

Lisa Buyer Loves Search Engine Watch <3 Video Proves It!

Looking for love (likes)  in all the right PR places. One of my favorite online hangouts is Search Engine Watch. Here is a video to prove it! I also contributed an article in today’s issue. Extra, Extra.Optimize all about it. 4 PRO PR-Optimization Strategies: SEO, Video, Local & Social  

Guy Kawasaki’s Dicey PR Tips: Social Media to Enchant People

Guy Kawasaki’s DICEY PR Tips: Social Media to Enchant People

AllTop co-founder, Guy Kawasaki is a renowned public speaker, former Apple evangelist, and best-selling author of 10 books including his latest, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Getting “dicey” with online PR and unlocking the powers of enchantment can be an effective digital PR strategy. We tuned into Guy Kawasaki’s session for […]