5 Steps to Help You Find Inbound Marketing Happiness

How can inbound marketing impact your customer’s happiness level? The answer might be in the reviews. The growth of social media has led to the growth of consumer power. If a customer loves a product, they have the power to recommend it to friends and family. If a customer felt like they didn’t receive a […]

Book on Free PR Puts Pitching in the Palm of Your Hand

free PR

Book on Free PR Puts Pitching in the Palm of Your Hand My latest #SocialPRSecret is a book, a good one. It’s called “Free PR”. The title is enticing, sensational, and revealing. Thought you knew everything about PR? Think again. Some might say – “Well what do you get for free anyway? You get what […]

Say Hello to Camera Marketing, PR’s New Frontier

Wait for it…It’s official, welcome to the age of Camera Marketing! According to Statista  77% of adults own a smartphone, with the number skyrocketing to 94% within the 18-29 year old demographic. Their polling also shows that 100% of smartphone users use a smartphone camera. Pack your lenses and filters, we got the lowdown from […]

Social PR Survival Guide for 2019

It’s time to care! From self-care to career care to digital care and even customer care Here’s your Social PR survival guide for 2019. It’s the quick list check list every entrepreneur, marketer and professional needs to stay relevant, mindful, organized, focused and successful.D You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero Wondering why you make […]