Google to Patent Social Influence

by Nicole Balistreri It’s a Social Media Revolution! Social media is poised on the brink of a new revolution. Google recently filed a patent application for it’s newest proprietary technology that determines the biggest influencers on the web. So, it’s like high school except instead of boyfriend stealing and homecoming queens, this popularity contest helps […]

Yelp Gives Interactive PR New Meaning

Word of Mouth PR Replaces Old School Ads According to The Buyer Group’s online pr team, the old adage of spending money to make money isn’t necessarily true. How is this possible you ask? Well, the New York Times has the answer, and they’re called Yelpers. (Yel * Perz: n. def: an individual who uses […]

B2B + Social Media = Interactive Public Relations

By Sarah Van Elzen A recent Social Media Webinar hosted by Bulldog discussed ways BtoB marketers can use social media and where to start. The discussion advised the main points to cover before introducing social media into a marketing plan are: 1.    Focus on what you what to accomplish 2.    Master your company Web site […]

What will the neighbors think?

My grandmother used to say “What will the neighbors think?” Now we are living in such a virally social world that we all should care ‘what the neighbors think’, especially if you are a retail business owner trying win customers and good referrals. Sites like Yelp, Angieslist and even facebook are putting the consumer in […]