[5 Star Book Review] Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals by Bruce Clay, Murray Newlands with 13 Digital Experts

I have a content marketing secret or two to share! Before Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands asked me to contribute to the book Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals, they gave me a sneak peek. From the early pre-published drafts and before any contributors were added, it was a no-brainer I’d be giving it a five […]

How SEO Public Relations Influences Google’s Click Through Rate

What does SEO public relations and your brand’s click through rate (CTR) have to do with each other? The top four organic listings on Google for most desktop users receive 83% of the organic clicks on a page. When it comes to mobile search, the number one position receives the highest amount of organic clicks. […]

How To Use Twitter Custom Timelines for News or Events Like #SEOchat

twitter custom timeline #seochat

There’s a new way to report your brand’s news via social: Twitter Custom Timelines. First it was the IPO, now it’s a flurry of Twerks! Twitter’s recent funding opened the gate for new perks including Twitter Custom Timelines, it’s latest feature that lets brand publishers curate, organize and customize timelines using TweetDeck. Pick your most […]

How to Avoid a Google PR Disaster: The Ultimate #SEO Report by @BruceClayInc

Will the real SEO expert please stand up? Ok everyone sit down. It seems like everyone thinks they are an SEO expert; until the Google penalty comes, web visits drop and conversions stop. Meanwhile the SEO team is pointing fingers at each other, the executive marketing team is ready to do shots of tequila and… […]