5 Snapchat PR Secrets: Digital Marketers Are Flocking to Snapchat. Are You?


Are you going “all in” on Snapchat? Making headline news this month in WSJ and AdWeek, digital marketers and brands are waking up to 2016 with the Snapchat story in front of them. Marketing and PR Pros Share Their Snapchat Moments Michael Stelzner is talking about it on the Social Media Examiner’s weekly Blab and promoting […]

PR Under the Influence: Why Influencer Marketing is all the Buzz

influencer marketing cats

Influencer marketing is the modern day version of word-of-mouth marketing. If PR owned a bar, influencer marketing would be the featured drink with a high rating of a 81% ROI. It’s the latest buzzworthy addition to the digital marketing world where brands are driving consumers under the influence to Twitter parties, Facebook chats, Google+ Hangouts, Blab […]

Social PR Secrets to Engage in 2016 the Carley Roney Way

2016 Social PR Secrets Carley Rooney lisa buyer

Oh my social media #Selfie, it’s 2016. When entrepreneur Carley Roney hustled up on stage to share her top success secrets at the Four Seasons in Orlando, Florida, I was sitting front and center in a less than an ideal frame of mind. The time was 10:00 am and I had raced to the #Engage15 […]

Disrupting and Crushing Public Relations, the Gary Vaynerchuk Way #AskGaryVee

Many public relations agencies are quantifying the wrong shit. Period. Bottomline. End of story. Internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk chatted with #PRWeek about the current state of public relations, advertising, agency life, and brand dynamics. Famous for his YouTube show #AskGaryVee and growing his social media agency in 2011 from 30 to 600 employees, Vaynerchuk had no […]