Mindfulness and Mobile Media Relations: Lisa Buyer and @SEJournal Chat

Mindful Media Relations

Go, go, go. In a world of constantly having things in the palm of your hand, PR professionals are challenged with mindfulness when it comes to mobile media relations. Lisa Buyer recently caught up with Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal, to chat about all things social and mobile. Here are a few of her […]

Swipe Right! 10 Social Media Things I Learned at #Pubcon

pubcon las vegas 2015

Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 has come and gone faster than you can throw a pair of dice. I attended in hopes of fulfilling my continued education and personal passion of all things social and search and Pubcon did not disappoint! Our CEO, Lisa Buyer, met up with Jabez LeBret and Melissa Fach for a social […]

Vanity Public Relations: Is The Social Media ‘Like’ Obsession Worth it?

socialprchat-psychology of facebook like post

Social Media Likes. In sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part, for business and pleasure: it’s safe to say that we have a semi-psychotic obsession with getting likes on social media. Facebook Page and Post likes, Instagram likes, LinkedIn likes, Pinterest likes — you name it, we want the likes.

Productive Social Media Marketing Events: Lisa Buyer’s Faves #Zenith2015 #SocialTools15 and more

Lisa Buyer's Favorite Social Media Events 2015

How many social media marketing events can you possibly attend in one year? Trust me, you could probably find one a day. It depends on your goal…quantity or quality? Considering we sleep within arms reach of our mobile phone, spend almost two (or 12?) hours a day on social media and like the idea of […]