[Tips] Journalists and Customers Love Online Newsrooms…Do You Love Yours?

Journalists, prospects and customers are turning to your brand’s online newsrooms and following social media channels in order to stay current on the latest company news. Nearly all journalists consider a company’s online newsroom to be important, according to a 2014 TekGroup survey. More importantly, journalists are visiting online brand newsrooms with increasing frequency. More […]

[Recap] Spinning Publicity Through Social Media in 2014 @PRSA Webinar

#SocialPR is no longer a luxury or an experiment for brands and public relations practitioners, according to PR experts Lisa Buyer and Steve Momorella. Lisa, the owner of The Buyer Group and the author behind the new book Social PR Secrets and Steve, the owner/founder of TekGroup shared their secrets during a webinar with other […]

Social #PR 2012 Best Tips on Search Engine Watch #SEW by Lisa Buyer

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When it comes to SEO and public relations one thing is for sure: What’s old is NOT new again. PR is going mobile, local, social and visual in 2013. Public relations, social media and SEO birthed some movers and shakers in 2012 and continue to grow into 2013. To sum up 2012: Facebook is the […]

50 Shades of Content Marketing for Online PR

Online public relations has come a long way, baby. The frustrated publicist of yesterday was under tight control by the journalist, the editor, the reporter – the publicity gatekeepers! Pitching  a press release (ok sometime even begging and pleading)  for an interview was just par for the course. A typical day in the life of […]