50 Shades of Content Marketing for Online PR

Online public relations has come a long way, baby. The frustrated publicist of yesterday was under tight control by the journalist, the editor, the reporter – the publicity gatekeepers! Pitching  a press release (ok sometime even begging and pleading)  for an interview was just par for the course. A typical day in the life of […]

Lisa Buyer Co-Hosts PR Webinar: 2012 Online Newsroom Survey Report

family guy tom tucker and diane simmons

Journalists are searching for information on your company, but are you giving them what they need to promote you? Join Lisa Buyer and Steve Momorella on Monday February 27, 2011 at 11 a.m. for a 20-minute webinar about how to boost the coverage you receive from journalists by making some simple improvements to your online […]

SEOmoz Rand Fishkin: The SEO Art of Online Public Relations via #PRWeb

Taking the Art of SEO to PR

The rise of online public relations morphed into a whole new world thanks to Internet marketing and who better than Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEO Moz and author of Art of SEO, to connect the dots? Marketing is transforming from a primarily paid medium to where it is possible to get found organically in exponential […]

The #PR Nightstand: @aimclear Killer Facebook Ads Book

Going to sleep and waking up with Marty Weintraub (on your nightstand)? Hmmmm. Yes,  it makes so much Facebook sense to have your latest read be Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub. That is, if you are a smart, online PR Pro looking for a competitive advantage. SEO industry-great, Weintraub, wrote the book Killer Facebook […]