Social Media Helps Haiti

Unprecedented damage and destruction on the island nation of Haiti has been met by an extraordinary fund raising effort through the Internet and social media. Aid workers began updating followers on Facebook and Twitter within minutes of the 7.0 earthquake striking Port-au-Prince on January 12. The Red Cross alone has raised over $8 million through […]

Starting 2010 “On the Right Foot” with Online Powerhouse Zappos

Within moments of stepping into the Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas, it was easy to see the buzz CEO Tony Hsieh is generating by his company’s unique corporate culture is no fluke. Employees ring cowbells and blow horns to greet guests, conference rooms are extravagantly themed, and Hsieh, one of the youngest and most successful […]

Lisa Buyer with Groundswell’s Charlene Li Video Interview

It’s what every CEO should know, SES San Jose keynote speaker Charlene Li maps future of search and social media at SES San Jose 2009. CEO’s, decision makers, marketers, and business owners need to break out of the bubble and explore social media. An authentic relationship with clients and prospects via social media can create […]

SFIMA Presents “The Glitter of Social Media”

Lisa Buyer Social PR Evangelist

As the media landscape evolves by the day, social media has emerged as the newest mountain to climb for public relations and marketing agencies. Recognizing what worked in the past may not work today, The Buyer Group has embraced the opportunity of allowing social media to generate leads and profits for large and small businesses, […]