[Tips] Journalists and Customers Love Online Newsrooms…Do You Love Yours?

Journalists, prospects and customers are turning to your brand’s online newsrooms and following social media channels in order to stay current on the latest company news. Nearly all journalists consider a company’s online newsroom to be important, according to a 2014 TekGroup survey. More importantly, journalists are visiting online brand newsrooms with increasing frequency. More […]

Meet the 15 Second Social Press Release: Snapchat, Instagram and more

If you thought 140 characters might cramp your social press release style, try 15 seconds or less with social newbies like Snapchat, Instagram and Vine! Social PR is now a Snap. Snapchat says that we are not the sum of everything we have said or done or experienced or published – we are the result. We are […]

What Brands Can Learn From @TODAYshow in 2014

Social PR TODAY show brand wake up call. Pin, post, nip and tuck. My favorite morning ritual is watching the TODAY show and this year I witnessed an inside out brand transformation that included a social media makeover across all three screens. Just a year ago I was surprised top tier media talk show hosts […]

Tracky Hosts First Virtual #Hackathon for #SEO, Marketing, PR and Journalism Pros #CommHacks

Have you made your Social PR or SEO life easier with a #workhack? Sarah Evans and Tracky want to know and the result….get published in an e-book, win an iPad mini or some other cool perk. Maybe you figured out a way to mobilize your team of writers stringing together a few pieces of technology. […]