Buffer’s Nicole Miller Shares Social Media and Customer Service Secrets


nicole miller buffer community championDisclaimer: I recently had to join B.A.A…. Buffer Addicts Anonymous.

Social media can be addicting and some would say public relations can be pretty defeating. Never enough time, you’re only as good as your last story, and egos constantly collide.

Tweet this, Share that, Like this and Plus one that.

It’s exhausting. Yes, social media is one awesome way to maximize visibility and exposure, but don’t forget the 20 million other things that matter in doing your Social PR job.

You can stay up all night working on getting all the shares right or you can use a platform like Buffer.

If you know me, you’ll know one of my favorite apps is Buffer! It’s one of my must-have Google Chrome extensions for PR success, a ritual in my daily Social PR workflow, and one of the greatest social sharing platforms I’ve used to date.

Social Media High with Nicole Miller

I recently had the honor of chatting with Buffer’s Community Champion, Nicole Miller to hear all the ins and outs of utilizing Twitter for your business, brand, and content marketing goals. If you aren’t yet familiar with Buffer, no worries, I’ll fill you in in just a minute. But first, let’s explain what Miller does. Community champion… yeah I hadn’t heard of that title yet either, but she was kind enough to explain it…

A Community Champion is somewhat like a unique community manager position. Miller interacts with a lot of customers and manages social media. Her main role is to enhance the relationship between the Buffer users and staff in any way possible and she also hosts a weekly Twitter chat, #BufferChat, on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. EST. To put all of this in layman terms, Miller is a Social PR pro a.k.a super hero.

Buff Up Your Knowledge

So here is the scoop on Buffer if you haven’t already heard. Buffer pros, feel free to skip on over to the next section!

Buffer is a relatively new company with the ultimate goal to help people use social media more effectively. Buffer was born on November 30, 2010, when the very first version launched. In just four years, Buffer has more than 1.5 million users and an impressive 229 thousand following on Twitter, which only attests to the fact that they know what they’re doing.

Used to manage multiple social media accounts, Buffer allows you to schedule posts for social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  and LinkedIn. It also allows easy collaboration with teammates and teamed up with Google Analytics to offer great performance analytics.

Social PR Secret: Get more publicity using Buffer with these 8 inspirational ways to use Buffer for public relations.

Nicole Miller’s Secrets To Buffer Up Your Business

Miller was awesome enough to share some secrets to her success with Buffer that can also benefit you and your business…

  • Utilize your Twitter bio! Buffer wrote a whole blog (which you can read here) about the importance of a Twitter bio and how crucial it is to make yours creative and authentic.
  • Track your Twitter activity: Buffer uses a platform called SparkCentral to track all activity such as when people mention Buffer is social media so an immediate response can be made.
  • Be available! One secret to Buffer’s success is its distributed team. The Buffer team is spread across five continents, which makes someone available to answer customers in any timezone.
  • Be real. Buffer makes sure to personalize the online experience for users. An example of this is placing real names of employees who are managing Buffer’s Twitter account.
  • Have AWESOME names for job titles. From Community Champions to Happiness Heroes, even Buffer’s positions are catchy and scream friendly.
  • Strive to be honest, real and transparent. As Miller says, “your audience is human and you can be human too.”
  • Be aware and considerate of your audience. Your clients and users are real people and want to feel like you genuinely care about their experiences with your company.

Social PR Secret: Surprise gifts let your community know that you care, sending things like a T-shirt or handwritten note can mean the difference between how user views your business.

buffer handwritten thank you card
Nicole Miller from Buffer sent me this handwritten thank-you note and some Buffer swag!


For more insights from Buffer’s Nicole Miller, check out her target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>video interview for my Social Media Management class.

Reported By Sydney Thompson.

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