[Book] #SocialPRSecrets by Lisa Buyer Hits Amazon, Read Foreword by @PRSarahEvans

SocialPRSecretsLowResFrontCoverFina9-13It’s a book, it’s a #hashtag, it’s a social PR revolution. #SocialPRSecrets print version just hit the digital bookshelves on Amazon and it’s sealed with a social PR kiss from digital correspondent and social PR brand star Sarah Evans.

Click here to buy it the Kindle version  or here for the Print version .

Social PR Secrets author and one of the top Digital Strategist for 2013, Lisa Buyer,  and Sarah Evans have a thing or two in common: They’re both early adopters, whether it be technology, social media or causes full of social good.

“When the opportunity to write Social PR Secrets popped into my life, Sarah was my biggest cheerleader to ‘get it done’,” said Buyer. “She is the epitome of a ‘Doer’ – getting good stuff done. And as her track record shows, an inspiration to many in and outside the public relations stratosphere.”

Check out Sarah Evans foreword to Social PR Secrets 

Lisa Buyer painstakingly practices what she preaches. She’s a doer, an experimenter, and is constantly learning so she can remain the PR trendmaster that she is. Her dedication to online servant leadership, freely offering so much of her knowledge, is what you get in real life, too. She’s a true example of the modern day PR professional—a digital nomad with the ability to think like a producer and editor and be the consummate brand advocate.

Whether it’s media relations, social strategy, or internal communications, companies are looking for more efficient and effective ways to use emerging and established technologies.

If you work in a slow moving, behemoth of a company, small victories—like establishing a Facebook page—are the result of months, if not years, of campaigning. For those who are in smaller or more agile companies, you may be the frontrunners, jumping on new technologies as they become available. Either way, you’re likely tasked with staying in-the-know and monitoring all things social.


Lisa Buyer and Sarah Evans shading the lines from public relations to Social PR

Consider Social PR Secrets the communication professional’s modern-day beginner’s handbook. It may appear to have a lighthearted or whimsical approach, but therein lies its brilliance. The non-threatening format allows anyone to feel comfortable reading while they are exposed to tactical and practical public relations tips.

Trying to learn all the nuances and theories of search and optimization, social and publicity takes years of work, and that doesn’t include all of the trial and error during stages of tactical application. And because things change quickly, what you learn could change in an instant. It requires daily diligence to stay on top of your craft.

Lisa thoughtfully lays out some of the more common roles the PR person of today plays, from the editorial to managing online communities to reporting results. At the very least, the book provides you with a realistic view of the communications landscape and at the most, shares some of the most valuable information you can use. Right. Now.

I challenge you to make Social PR Secrets a personalized guide for how you work. Treat it as your baseline, ready to help you grow faster than you could without it. Make notes in the margins, challenge what you read, or better yet, share your experiences with others (#SocialPRSecrets).

It’s an exciting time to work in the communications industry. We are in a time of constant change, but some things will always remain the same. We exist to connect a brand with their stakeholders, keep consumers coming back, and to share stories.


Ready to take charge and be part of this time of Social PR evolution and revolution? Order your copy of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets book today.

More about Sarah Evans

Meet Sarah Evans, Digital correspondent and Social PR friend.

Meet Sarah Evans, Digital correspondent and Social PR friend.

If you ask Sarah, her most notable birth is that of her son Kash, but she is also responsible for birthing the first industry Twitter Chat #journchat waaaaaay back in ‘09 and her most recent cause is a timely one – the first against cyber bullying #1StepAhead.

Living in the glitz of Las Vegas, today Evans is all things digital ranging from her latest launch, a new, weekly email resource specifically designed for parents-1 STEP AHEAD.  The goal is to keep you on pace with or just ahead of how your kids are using technology, like smartphones, gaming devices, computers and tablets

While her focus over the past ten years has been public relations, she’s “morphed” into a correspondent and consultant, sharing all things digital lifestyle.

If you care about stuff like this, Sarah can be seen in the

  • February 2010 edition of Vanity Fair’s America’s Tweethearts,

  • Forbes’’ 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter

  • Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Hot Startups of 2010.

You can also follow Sarah Evans latest adventures via @prsarahevans

Ready to take charge and be part of this time of Social PR evolution and revolution? Order your copy of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets book today.

Click here to buy it the Kindle version  or here for the Print version .



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