Blogs Rock the Vote for Best Online Marketing Tactics


By Lisa Buyer 

One of my very favorite online marketing and public relations bloggers,Lee Odden , recently posted a reader’s poll on what online marketing tactics we will use most in 2008. This was a tough choice because we were only able to choose one out of more than 30 choices. The poll is still running if you would like to cast your vote, but in the meantime…here are the results:
Blogging (25%)
Search engine optimization (14%)
Email marketing (12%)top_rank_blog.jpg
Pay per click (8%)
Blogger relations (6%)
Online public relations (5%)
Viral marketing (5%)
Corporate web site (4%)
Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) (4%)
Webinars/Teleconference (3%)

I am in agreement with Lee, and probably most of my peers who “get” the critical shift happening in how we communicate and converse with our target audience. If you are not involved in a blog for biz, personal and/or clients, you are at an increasing disadvantage.


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