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BloggingPRSecretsMornings are made for blog posts! After attending Interactivity Digital, I wrote this article for Clickz  “Blogging PR Secrets and Style Guides – What’s In and Out”  by Victoria Edwards, one of my favorite sessions.

What did I love about this “how to”  blogging session?

  • Ready, set, go take aways that are easy to implement with fast return

  • Victoria shared “out of the box” tips on very important topics such as categories

  • Before and after images clearly illustrate and make it easy to follow

  • The ultimate blogging cheat sheet on “plugin must-haves” and sidebar optimization tips

  • The 411 on why it’s important to promote internally

  • Imagine that!  Find out why images are a must have blogging fashion statement

Truth:  Blogs play a significant role in users purchasing decisions. Here are some stats and facts reported by Dan Zarrella’s The Science of Marketing:

  • 80% of people surveyed read blogs once a day and morning is most popular time

  • It’s not just about pageviews, inbound links are a great reason to blog

  • Blog posts published on Mondays tend to get the most viewed, posts on the weekends get lower views

  • Saturday and Sunday posts receive more comments than weekday posts.

Protecting and conserving blog energy:  Reuse, recycle, and recharge blog content. 

Like in fashion, what’s old is new again. Edwards dished out some tips in bringing old and tired content back to life. It can be as easy as changing the date of a blog post and keeping the URL the same or as simple as turning blog posts into other forms of content:

  • Repurpose content newsletters into blog posts
  • Repurpose blog posts into a PPT
  • Repurpose blog series and make it an eBook
  • Repurpose a SlideShare into a video

You can read the entire ClickZ article by Lisa Buyer here or also check out Victoria Edward’s full #ID2013 presentation on Slideshare:


  1. OMG you use the energy concept for writing blog. Reuse, recycle and recharge is not applicable for all topics. For example if you blog about cells… it has fast change and you can not reuse old content unless you just make a historical review or comparison. But, who will be interested in using old phones anyway.


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