Bing, Bang, Boom! Microsoft Blows up Online PR


As search engines continue to multiply and evolve, the giant Microsoft has launched its newest search offering,, which for the realm of online PR adds to the list of places to be found and people to be seen.

New user-friendly features by Bing include:
•    A ‘related searches’ column on the left side of the page sorted by categories: news, video, images, and shopping sites
•    Each search result has a ‘preview’ option that pops up when moused-over
•    Clean, user-friendly design
•    Geo-targeted search, pushing local sites to the top of the list
•    Updated SEO guidelines (important for web site owners)

All of the above features are speculated to draw serious eyes to the search tool and many of which are expected to stay put. With a fragmented set of online eyes, online PR experts need to make sure their clients web sites and online reputations are reachable by all – user and search engine-friendly.

Thankfully, Bing is offering a Webmaster Center that allows online PR firms and online reputation managers to authenticate a site, check the value of back links, and see where each site ranks within Bing for various keywords.  Being listed in should be at the top of the priority list for every company.  Just how Google maps offers a local business directory, which has recently added a much-appreciated set of analytics,’s local directory and maps section may become a go-to source for online directory searches.

Likewise with Google Maps and Yahoo Local, has a specific set of SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that will improve the rankings of pages. recommends writing unique, keyword-rich content for readers, rather than web crawlers.  It is also important to use title, meta and H1 tags to help search engines identify what specific content on each page is about.

For information on how The Buyer Group can help you gain greater visibility through search engine optimization, contact Lisa Buyer at today.


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