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Measure Social Media Like a BossDo you understand social media analytics? To some that might seem like a rhetorical question, but most social media marketers say measuring ROI is their top challenge.

The struggle is real, but thanks to Talkwalker’s Social Media Analytics Guide we have some help. The just released guide helps brands get the most out of social media measurement.

I was asked to review Talkwalker’s latest social media analytics guide and after reading through it thought to myself:

“This guide is just what marketers need to decipher through all the social media data, drama and despair when it comes to measuring what matters!”

social media analytics what gets measured gets done

Social Media Analytics Clutter

So many likes and shares, so little time. The online and social media world is crowded with opinions, posts, and articles of all kinds, having a strong knowledge of how to analyze and act on this data uncovers new opportunities and insights that often remain hidden in this noisy environment. Without a working knowledge of social media analytics, it’s difficult to get a clear idea of brand awareness online reputation, the success or failure of your digital marketing and social media initiatives.
Talkwalker breaks down analytics from basics-to-intermediate knowledge. It takes you from the basics of what social media analytics is and how it works to the factors you should consider when purchasing a social media analytics platform, along with how these platforms integrate with other marketing and PR technologies in an easy way.

Analy-tricks and Tips

You’ll also find tips and best practices for finding the social media metrics that matter for your business and how to create social media reports that make an impact. This guide looks at practical use cases from brands that have invested and found value in using social media analytics and dispels some of the myths and misconceptions that surround social media.
From the 101 basics-to-intermediate knowledge of social media measurement, this guide shares valuable and quickly consumed insights. I love how it goes beyond the obvious and how to get maximum value out of your social media analytics.

Did you know? 80% of online images featuring a brand logo don’t mention the brand name in the text?

measure social media images with your logo

Ever wonder how your logo’s used online? For example, How many times does the Starbucks logo get shared in consumer generated media?  Check the image above. Talkwalker’s platform offers image recognition technology to understand how brand assets (like your logo) are getting shared. Now you can measure your brand’s exposure in photos and images.

The Bottom Line

This guide is required reading for my social media management class I teach at UF. I give it a thumbs up for reading to all marketing, PR professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Read Talkwalker’s social media analytics guide to get the full story.

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  1. Great article . I’ve been searching for tips on how to make improvement for social media marketing and this really helps a lot. I’ve also already tried a few (around only 2 or 3) of these techniques and got great results.Well thanks again for sharing your insight. I’ll try these techniques as well.


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