Best-Ever Social Media Content To Create Right Now. We Asked The Cat’s Meow: Buzzfeed.


Cats, Dogs, and Love Stories. Writing for the ‘Like’ is so yesterday. Just ask Buzzfeed.

The best performing social media content gets shared. How exactly does this happen? The ingredients include identity, emotion, and information says, Joe Puglisi.

Buzzfeed’s number one source of traffic is from social media content. Many large companies such as GE and other conglomerates are partnering with Buzzfeed to become more “shareable” over social media. So what kind of content should you be creating right now? Here are some helpful tips from Buzzfeed’s own Director of Creative Strategy, Joe Puglisi.

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The best performing social media content gets shared. How exactly does this happen? The ingredients include identity, emotion and information says, Joe Puglisi.

Social and mobile are the new distribution channels for media

When Buzzfeed is thinking about creating content to entertain people, social and mobile are now the new platforms for distribution. Social media is the newspaper of our generation that we need to populate with our fresh content. The trick lies with creating entertaining, informative, and creative content that will appeal to all people.

Social media has given people the opportunity to curate exactly what they want to see in their newsfeed.
Social media has given people the opportunity to curate exactly what they want to see in their newsfeed.


Because of this, you have to create something that is of value to them that they are willing to share. Instead of thinking about content first and distribution second, analyze how people are sharing, who they are sharing it with and why. There are infinite places to put content these days and with so many different distribution outlets, you have to create content that is not only good, but has high sharing potential.

Three reasons why people share content?

  1. Identity
  2. Emotion
  3. Information

People share content based on their ability to connect and identify with it.  If they are emotionally connected or if the content is informative and gives them advice to potentially better their lives, they are more likely to share with their friends. People are taking content that is created on the web as a communication device. It allows people to communicate over vast spaces quickly and efficiently.

Need some Buzzfeed inspiration? Watch this, one of Buzzfeed’s most shared videos:

So before creating content ask yourself, “How can this spark a conversation or inspire people to engage with one another?”

Three questions to ask:

  1. Would anyone share this?
  2. Is it human?
  3. Is it relevant?

You have to make sure that people would be happy to put your content on their feed, not embarrassed. Your social media content should have a relatable voice that inspires conversation by being relevant to not just world news, but to someone’s life. If the answer is yes to these questions then congratulations! You got yourself a great piece of shareable content.

What NOT to do when creating Social PR Content

So what are some tips on what NOT to do when creating content? Having a broad strategy. By capitalizing on every single media outlet, you polarize your message. Instead of blasting it out, focus on niche groups that become your focus of distribution. It’s important that you speak the specific language of your audience on that specific platform. For example, Facebook is about friend-to-friend tagging and sharing as opposed to YouTube and Pinterest where people have more success with videos that share information.

The key to creating shareable content is not to depend on what’s #trending on the Internet, but rather figure out why it’s trending and take it one step further. Remember, people want authentic information of interest that can be shared with their friends.

If you want to check out the full interview with Joe Puglisi to hear everything Buzzfeed is doing to stay relevant in the media, watch the interview here.


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Reported by: Ricky Cutler
Image Credit: Joe Puglisi/Buzzfeed

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  1. Great article! I am a huge fan of Buzzfeed and have definitely used the site to share content on social media that was cute or interesting. It all makes sense that identity, emotion and information are reasons why people share content. I will take those three factors into account when I am creating my own content for my blog. Thanks for sharing!


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