Bad PR 101: Real Estate Developer No Answer


By Lisa Buyer

The best way to foster a bad reputation is avoid confrontation, give no explanation and…oh… let’s not forget don’t pay your bills.

A good example of this is a story covered in a Virginia daily newspaper about the“prominent” real estate developer, Sandler at Greater Marathon Bay, LLC who hired The Buyer Group to handle the public relations for Marlin Bay Yacht Club. This March, the “reputable” real estate developer decided that real estate was no longer a good market and Steve Sandler of L.M. Sandler & Sons Inc shut down the project.  This decision – part of the lesson in Bad PR 101 – left contractors and subcontractors with unpaid bills for completed work totaling over $3.6 million.  According to court documents, Sandler at Greater Marathon Bay racked up 35 liens filed against them since March 2008.

Business 101: Companies should not spend when they can’t afford to lose.

PR 101: Negative online reputations spreads quickly.


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