B2B + Social Media = Interactive Public Relations


By Sarah Van Elzen

A recent Social Media Webinar hosted by Bulldog discussed ways BtoB marketers can use social media and where to start.

The discussion advised the main points to cover before introducing social media into a marketing plan are:

1.    Focus on what you what to accomplish
2.    Master your company Web site for usability
3.    Make sure your email messages act as an ongoing conversation and build a relationship between the recipient and your organization
4.    Landing pages must have a call to action

Once you have that in place – develop a social media plan.


In order to develop a social media plan, you need to consider:

1.    What is your customers’ online behavior?  Are they up to speed with the social media world? Are they observers or participators?
2.    How will you use social media to interact with your customers?
a.    Will you listen or speak to them?
b.    Will you offer support for their problems?

Whatever you decide, make it a goal that your social media efforts embrace your customers in a community setting to make your product/service better.

Once your social media efforts are into place remember to use social media to listen to your customers – treat it like a listening post or an exchange of info, not a push tactic.

If you want to learn more about social media and user behavior please contact me to request a copy of the presentation.



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