Ask the SEO Pro: Joe Laratro Shares Five Tips on Local Search Marketing


Google PlacesWho is Joe Laratro? A recognized leader in the search engine marketing industry with over ten years of experience: top PubCon speaker, South Florida Top 40 Under 40 honoree, and among the first 100 Google AdWords Certification recipients worldwide. Lisa Buyer was able to catch a few minutes with him where he shared with her the top five tips for local businesses to garner the opportunity local search engine results.

SEO Joe’s Tips:
1. Location, Location, Location. Include your location in website copy. Many people talk about their products and services but fail to mention where they are located – a commonly included component when a consumer searches for a product or service. Talking about your local area will help you rank for those related keywords.

2. Sign up! Register your website with local search engines such as Google Places. These places are geared towards helping people finding business in their local area. If your business is listed on them, you are more likely to show up in location-based search results.
3. Fill it out!
Specifically for Google Places, make sure you fill out with as much info as possible. Customize your page so that potential customers can get as much information about you as possible. Upload text, videos, and pictures.
4. Take off the Black Hat! Do not spam Google Places. This is not a site you want to have upset with you. Approximately 20% of the searches displayed on Google are businesses that are listed on Google Places because the person used a city/state search.
5. Share the Links. Share the link to your Google Places profile (and other online review profiles like Yelp) and share it with your clientele so that they can review you. You’ll rank better and other potential customers will feel more comfortable visiting your business once they see that others have had positive experiences with you. PR/SEO Tip: include your Google Places link in your press releases with a call to action such as: Stop by our Google Places and give us a review!



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