ABC’s of Online Marketing


By Cindy Metzler

With many businesses feeling the economic pinch, now more than ever it’s important to get your brand out there and stretch the value of each and every marketing dollar. That’s why it’s back to basics: When the going gets tough, the tough get their marketing strategy going strong!

Here are some quick and easy ABC’s to keep you and your business in the forefront with your client:

Ask – Many successful businesses are built on mastering the art of communication . Ask lots of questions. ASK your customer how you did. It’s a great way of letting your clients know that they matter. Customers appreciate when you care about what they think and are typically more apt to stick with businesses that do. If you’ve done a great job, you should be happy to get the praise, and if not, it’s an opportunity to rectify a mistake. ASK for referrals from existing clients. Most clients are happy and flattered to share their good experiences with others. ASK your existing clients for their email addresses. Be sure to include email addresses in your customer database. Email is another form of communication, and best of all it’s FREE! Email saves time and money. You can use email and stay in touch with customers, while reminding them to do business with you. If you are not sending out an e-newsletter or e-mail to clients regularly, you are missing another opportunity of doing more business. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get the answers you need.

– Your first impression may be your last with a future client if you don’t get it right – so there’s no room for error. Your brand
is a reflection of everything about your business. Every marketing component of your business from your handshake to your annual report should be reflective of your brand. We’ve all heard the old adage ‘Dress for Success’, yes, it’s marketing 101, yet you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t last because they are not putting their best foot forward with polished and cohesive business collateral. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a first-class brochure, logo or web site created.

Consistency – Don’t underestimate how important your company’s image
is and how it should be a reflection of your marketing style throughout everything you do – that includes everything from your business card, to your web site. Be consistent with every component of your marketing. Make sure your business card has a similar style as your web site, your brochures, even your logo has a look and feel that clients will be sure to recognize as your own, your ‘package’, your identity. Consistency matters… Perform an internal focus group or branding ‘audit’  to see if you and your brand are consistent and measure up.

Using these ABC’s can be the difference between you getting the business, or your competitor.


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