7 Ways to Skype for PR: Media Interviews, Video Chat and More


Online PR says: Dear Journalist, Just Skype me. A press conference via a live video feed on Skype. How Social PR – savvy is that?  Today’s big news marks Microsoft’s announcement to buy Skype for a cool $8.5 billion.

7 Ways to Skype for PR

Talk about engaging, collaborating, interacting and video? Online PR has a new tool in its arsenal called Skype.

Here are 7 ways to Use Skype for PR:

1.    Hold an interview via Skype video
2.    Conduct a video Press Conference
3.    Video chat with a reporter who is on deadline
4.    Gain quick access to a client via Skype chat to exchange and approve files
5.    Easily collaborate with international clients
6.    Schedule a two-way video via mobile phone
7.    Save travel time and keep face time with Skype meetings

Skype marks a new era in PR, an era in which social media bridges the gap between journalists, the public and PR professionals delivering news.

Just Skype me. Yes, Skype is now a verb – synonymous with video, voice and communication. Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer says “Skype is bringing us closer together, making life better for everyone.”

So move over press release, images, video, screen shots, Skype lets you actually show influencers in real time.Taking that one step further, Skype makes communications better and easier for everyone; especially for journalists and the PR world.

Optimizing online PR is as easy as saying Just Skype me.


  1. Lisa, love this list.

    I wish you didn’t have to pay for video conferencing, though.

    I’m starting to move more and more to Google Voice but am very interested to see what Microsoft can do with Skype.


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