7 #SocialPR Tools for Repurposing Content & Boosting Your Reach with Video


Repurposing content

A great deal of time and resources can go into creating content for your blog, YouTube channel, email marketing, social channels and more. Today, the average organization spends 27% of its total marketing budget on content marketing and of that, 59% is allocated to content creation and distribution.

Once you’ve made that massive investment in a piece of content, do you simply toss it into the ether and cross your fingers? I hope not! Making the most of your content creation efforts means planning to extend the life of each piece. One of the most effective ways you can do that is by strategically repurposing your content.

Video Marketing Pro Shaina Weisinger Shares Her Top Tools for Content Repurposing

When I heard Shaina Weisinger’s episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Hustle & Flowchart, I knew there was huge value in it for my #socialPRchat readers. Content repurposing should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy—from the earliest days of campaign planning for clients of The Buyer Group, we’re considering how to promote and then repurpose each piece of content. 

Creating and promoting that repurposed content is where many marketers fall down, though.

It’s not enough to just republish on another platform. The best examples of repurposed content deliver the same core message but in a unique and compelling way that inspires customers on another channel to take action. And with the right tools at your disposal, converting written content to video can be easy, affordable, and even fun.

Here are Shaina’s 12 tool recommendations to put in your content marketing arsenal for repurposing content to video.

Tools for creating great video

Video isn’t a fad or trend—it’s a powerful way to connect with consumers across devices, platforms, and networks. From explainers and tutorials to video ads, vlogs, product videos and more, video can help you tell your stories in a more engaging and compelling way.

You don’t have to become (or hire) a professional videographer to make great videos to power your social PR campaigns, either. Try these tools for creating great video. 

1. Lumen5

What it is: Lumen5 is an AI-powered tool you can use to convert your blog posts into fun, engaging and socially shareable videos. The interface enables you to quickly add your logo, watermark, and CTA.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: Lumen5 is super easy to use. Simply feed it the link to your blog post or press release, then use the drag-and-drop editor to arrange the media you want to use into the storyline of your choice. Here’s an example of a video we created in Lumen5 from this press release and blog post:

Repurposing content with Lumen5

Where to get it: Subscriptions currently start at $19 a month. Get started on the Lumen5 website

2. DaVinci Resolve

What it is: DaVinci Resolve is the gold standard for color grading video. In fact, it’s been used more than any other color grading system for film and TV.

Repurposing content with DaVinci Resolve

Why we love it for #SocialPR: It’s free! Of course, there’s a premium version with a paid subscription model but bloggers and content marketers should find everything they need in the free version.

Where to get it: Get started with DaVinci Resolve 16 on creator Black Magic Design’s website.

Tools for captioning your videos

Video captioning is super important for a number of reasons. 

  • It enables those with hearing impairment or people to enjoy your videos without any additional equipment or tools required. Failing to accommodate the 1 in 8 Americans with hearing loss would be a huge oversight.
  • It allows people to enjoy the video without sound. Considering that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute, this is critically important.
  • Captions are great for SEO and help search engines understand what your video is about. 
  • Social media users watch videos with captions an average of 12% longer than those without, according to Facebook.

Videos without captions get 17% less reactions, 15% less shares and 26% less clicks on the call-to-action (Instapage). Simply put, if you aren’t captioning your videos you’re leaving money on the table. Use these tools to caption your videos quickly, easily and affordably.

3. Rev

What it is: Rev is one of (if not the single) the most trusted transcription services out there. You simply upload your video and one of Rev’s 40,000 transcriptionists gets to work on your captions. They guarantee 99% accuracy.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: Your video transcript provides great content for readers and search engines alike. Optimize your transcript with internal links to your best content, and add calls-to-action to help your readers take the next steps.

Where to get it: Get started with $1/minute transcription on Rev.com.

4. Headliner

What it is: Headliner allows you to add animations, gifs, captions, images and more to videos, which you can then export and share across your social accounts. A few cool features include waveforms (audio visualizers to let viewers know there is sound accompanying the video imagery) and automatic transcription.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Video is where it’s at! Headliner makes it dead simple to make and share engaging videos like this one from T.I. (made using Headliner):

Where to get it: Learn more about the free version and premium paid features here.

Tools for expanding your content’s reach

Even the best videos will fall flat without a bit of savvy promotion to get the ball rolling. Don’t forget about these promotional channels as you’re plotting out your video promotion.

5. Reddit

What it is: Reddit is another network you’d have to have been living under a rock the last 14 years not to recognize. But you may not have realized its potential for content promotion yet. Reddit has had a dubious reputation over the years, but there are plenty of safe-for-work subreddits where members of your audience may potentially spend time. Search Reddit for topics relevant to your business and see where conversations are happening that may be a natural fit for your involvement.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: We love Reddit as a long game. It’s not productive to simply spam the forum with your own content. Rather, you want to become a regular contributor in the subreddits relevant to your business. Sometimes, sharing a piece of your own content will fit naturally in the conversation—where your content answers a question or fills a need. Outside of that, you’ll be networking and building your reputation as a topic expert. 

Where to get it: Head to Reddit.com and get searching.

6. LinkedIn

What it is: The OG social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to republish your blog posts as Articles and share your video content.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: Don’t forget that LinkedIn now runs SlideShare, another great format for content repurposing that opens up a whole new audience for you. In fact, using your blog content as the basis for a SlideShare, or incorporating a gallery of images into a blog post using SlideShare, can be a smart content repurposing play, too.

Where to get it: You’re probably already on LinkedIn—and if you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re probably neglecting your profile there. Check out this resource on making your LinkedIn pitch-perfect.

7. Your blog

What it is: Don’t forget to share the awesome content you’re creating on your own blog? Ideally, your own site will be the first place you publish that first piece of content that anchors the entire campaign. That way, you’ll get all of those juicy backlinks your content is cited, repurposed, shared, and syndicated.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: You control the on-page experience happening around your content. Once you’ve attracted a visitor with your amazing content, how are you going to keep them on-site and engaged? Use design elements, in-text links, calls-to-action, sidebar offers and more to inspire readers to take the next logical action in your funnel. 

In the meantime, your blog content is also feeding Google keyword-rich, top-quality content to consider as the best possible answer to relevant queries. It’s a win-win!

Where to get it: WordPress is my hands-down favorite blogging platform; in fact, it now powers 35% of the Internet.

Bonus Content Repurposing Tool: Designrr

What it is: Designrr makes e-books from content published on your website, or directly from your Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or another text editor. Simply import your content, choose a project template, create your cover image, and customize the e-book as you wish.

Why we love it for #SocialPR: You can go with the design the tool creates for you or get as deep into customization as you want, with controls for changing text, fonts, background colors and images, styles, and more. Creating e-books can be a lot of work, but Designrr takes the elbow grease out of it with an integrated royalty-free image library and simple design program.

Where to get it: Check out the Designrr offer here (you can usually get special pricing). 

Hopefully this powerhouse list of #SocialPR platforms will help you assess your toolset going into 2020 so you start the year on the right foot.


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