7 of the Most Awesome Social PR Chat Stories of 2016


7 social pr stories of 2016

Oh snap-crackle-pop, It’s complicated. The only way to describe the social media marketing and public relations scene this year. Snapchat pulled rank on Facebook, Blab died and went to social media heaven, Facebook Live popped into the scene like a 100-pound gorilla and Twitter just might survive because it’s Donald Trump’s favorite form of communication.

2016 is history and 2017 leads the way to a virtual reality start.

With the majority of Americans now getting news via social media in a recent Pew Study. News is socially consumed, Live video is red hot, brands turn to influencers to tell their story, Snapchat grows with filters and vending machine bots, roughly eight-in-ten online Americans now use Facebook (Pew Study) and almost all brands are using Facebook, 91% to be exact, creating images is a must for marketers, and Social PR Chat was there for it all.

The social rollercoaster ride of 2016 is coming to an end. Snapchat, Mindfulness, and Influencers are top on our list. What better way to keep the fun going than to look back at our top 7 top Social PR Chat stories in 2016.

1. 5 Snapchat PR Secrets: Digital Marketers Are Flocking to Snapchat. Are You?



2. Mindful Gifts for the Social PR Pro



3. Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right

Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right

4. PR Under the Influence: Why Influencer Marketing is all the Buzz

influencer marketing cats

5. How To Create a Pitch Perfect LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips

6. Nick Cicero Unlocks Snapchat Storytelling Secrets and Strategies

Nick Cicero Unlocks Snapchat Storytelling Secrets and Strategies

7. Visual Storytelling Secrets: Think Like Ekaterina

visual storytelling with ekaterina



Measuring Social Media Success with Adam Singer, Data King, and Google Guru

Measuring Social Media Success with @AdamSinger, Data King and Google Guru


Put your Social PR glasses on, 2017 is just getting started.

What do you think will be the top player in Social PR in 2017? Share it with us on Twitter using the #SocialPR17 hashtag.


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